Nov 21 2011

Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum Selling a Special 1937 Chrysler Imperial

As reported in Newsday, the Hemmings Blog and videojournalist Chris Collora, the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum hopes to establish a new endowment with the proceeds from the sale of a classic car.


Newsday, November 8, 2011: Vanderbilt Museum selling 1937 Chrysler

Hemmings Blog: Walter Chrysler’s one-off Imperial town car to be sold

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Video Journalist Chris Collora: Vanderbilt one-of-a- kind car for sale:


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Nov 22 2011 Walt Gosden 9:28 AM

I remember and saw the car when it was stored at the Long Island Automotive Museum and took photographs of it when it was there in storage. The paint was checked, but there was no paint loss, and if the paint was still in the condition now as it was then, you would preserve and conserve it , not repaint it. A rare car indeed, but not for the faint of heart as a restoration project, and I would estimate between $300k to $450k to restore the car properly - the plating alone will be $25K.

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