Feb 25 2015

Starting Lineup: The 1911 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Savannah, Georgia

For the first Vanderbilt Cup Race held outside of Long Island, a total of 14 entries raced on a 17.1 mile road course in Savannah and Effingham on November 27, 1911.

The 1911 Vanderbilt Cup Race consisted of 17 laps for a total of 290.7 miles. Ten of the 14 drivers in the race were veterans of the Long Island Vanderbilt Cup Races.


Howard Kroplick

#1 Lozier (USA) driven by the 1909 and 1910 champion Harry Grant with mechanician Frank Lee. Finished 4th. Completed the race, averaging 69.7 mph.

#2 Marmon (USA) driven by Bob Burman. Finished 10th. Completed 7 laps before a magneto failure.

#3 Pope-Hummer driven by Louis Disbrow. Finished 6th. Completed the race, averaging 67.3 mph.

#4 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Spencer Wishart. Finished 3rd. Completed the race, averaging 70.8 mph.

#5 Jackson (USA) driven by Harry Cobe. Finished 14th. After completing 1 lap, the engine blew.

#6  Mercer (USA) driven by Hughie Hughes. Finished 13th. After completing 3 laps, the magneto failed.

#7 Abbott-Detroit (USA) driven by Carl Limberg. Finished 7th. Flagged after completing 16 laps.

#8 Lozier (USA) driven by Ralph Mulford. Finished 1st. Completed the race, averaging 73.4 mph.

#9 Abbott-Detroit (USA) driven by Leland Mitchell. Finished 7th. Flagged after completing 16 laps.

#10 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Ralph DePalma. Finished 2nd. Completed the race, averaging 73.2 mph.

#11 FIAT (Italy) driven by Edward Parker. Finished 5th. Completed the race, averaging 68.6 mph.

#12 Marmon (USA) driven by Cyrus Patschke. Finished 9th. After completing 8 laps, water pump broke.

#14 FIAT (Italy) driven by David Bruce-Brown. Finished 11th. After completing 6 laps, lost left rear tire.

#15 FIAT (Italy) driven by Joe Matson. Finished 12th. After completing 4 laps, broke water hose.


Mar 01 2015 Oscar Koveleski 10:13 AM

Howard- you and your team…your presentations, collection, is more than 5 STAR, Elaine and plan to get out to Long Island, when it warms up, ands the fishing gets going…we will be at Amelia…seeya?  Thanks …Oscar cell 570 430 1615

Oscar, thanks for the comment. I will be at Amelia this year with Chrysler’s Chrysler.

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