May 24 2016

Smiles and Thumbs-Ups from the Great Neck South High School’s Rebel Car Club Show

The Alco Black Beast Team had a wonderful time last Friday participating in Great Neck High School's Rebel Car Show.

Congrats to the Rebel Car Club and their advisor automotive technology teacher Jon Ruvio!


Howard Kroplick

This vintage race car was built by the Great Neck South High School's car classes and Rebel Car Club.

#78 will be participating in the 2016 Race of Gentlemen to be held on June 4-5 in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Howard Kroplick and the Great Neck South Rebel Car Club


May 25 2016 Howard Kroplick 11:58 AM

From Jon Ruvio:

Once again I would like to thank you and your team for coming to our show. You and your crew were so nice to the kids at the school, it really made it a super special day.

Like I mentioned if there is ever a time where we can help you out, please let us know. ( I saw on the blog that you had the clean up at the Motor parkway bridge, This is something where the car club would love to help out! )

Hope to see you soon!

May 29 2016 Jim Mead 8:35 AM

Just Wonderful! The way you so willingly share your cars is an inspiration….!

May 29 2016 Walt Gosden 9:25 AM

this is the kind of connection between “old car guys/collectors” and the general community that there needs to be so much more of. It makes the kids and their teachers feel they are really part of why we have an interest in the preservation of historic automobiles and transportation. All who participated will carry this memory of the experience the rest of their lives. Once again Howard you are a peer in the promotion of our passionate interest in early cars.

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