May 04 2013

School Project: The Black Beast and the Long Island Motor Parkway in Lake Success

Last month, I was contacted by four Great Neck South Middle School students requesting a film interview on the Long Island Motor Parkway. With permission from their Social Sciences teacher Larry Nahoum and Great Neck South Middle School principle Dr. James Welsch, I arrived for the interview on April 24, 2013 ....with the Alco Black Beast.

The interview was conducted on a beautifully preserved section of the Motor Parkway in Lake Success. The road serves as a path for the athletic fields for Great Neck South Middle and High Schools. Checking out the Black Beast. Dr. James Welsch and the students. Thumbs ups for a successful project!

One-Minute Video: The Black Beast on the Motor Parkway in Lake Success (Filmed by John Cuocco)


Howard Kroplick

Update May 15, 2013: Video "Motor Parkway" Wins a 2013 Akidemy Award

Congratulations to George, Ashley, Rachel and Stella for winning "Best Interview" at the Fourth Annual Akidemy Awards held on May 14, 2013 at the Great Neck South Middle School.


May 04 2013 Wayne Carroll Petersen 11:44 PM

People like you help keep automotive history alive with the younger generation. I had the opportunity to do a powerpoint presentation on the Life and Times of Barney Oldfield America’s Legendary Speed King at the Black Hawk Automotive Museum in Danville, CA. which has a educational program for the schools in the area.

Keeping American History Alive,
Wayne Carroll Petersen
Barney Oldfield Great Great Nephew

May 05 2013 Ted 12:04 AM

I’m on top of things aren’t I?,first in line for comments. Were the students expecting just you and you arranged to bring The Black Beast for something a little extra for them for their project? In either case, it was very nice of you to do what you did, you are not one to disappoint anybody and you’re contributing to history for that school now

May 05 2013 Walt Gosden 9:48 AM

I taught school for 32 years, and know that hands on experiences like this are moments that make history “real” for all concerned - the kids, parents, teachers, administrators and the whole community. Local history is so important for everyone and gives them the appreciation of where they live and the times past of that area. Howard you are doing a great service to promote that. The experience you provided will be long lasting far beyond your expectations.

May 06 2013 frank femenias 12:39 AM

Excellent Howard, you’re right on course! Keep it forward.

May 06 2013 Roger Price 8:12 AM

That was terrific!  I feel that more of our fellow antique auto owners should make themselves available to answer questions about their cars.  How else can we expect the young people of today to keep the interest going in our automotive history.
Whan I am at a car show, I have the opportunity to have discussions about the hobby and my cars.  On some occasions, I invite a young person to sit behind the steering wheel and blow the horn.  Who knows what will ignite an interest in old cars.  That’s my take on it.

May 06 2013 Lou K 6:42 PM

I agree with all the previous comments and then some Howard….You’re a gem !

Jun 08 2013 Arthur Finnegan 11:31 AM

Howard living in the area 70 years I did not know that section of the parkway, went thru Great Neck school. Great website, keep it going. Artie

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