Dec 06 2014

Saturday Search Findings: Walter Chrysler’s Chrysler Fire Truck (Updated: 12/25/14)

Search: The 1927 Chrysler fire truck donated by Walter P. Chrysler. Submitted by Ed Jutson. Posted on 12/19/2014.

Volunteer fireman Ed Jutson is looking for information on this 1927 Chrysler fire truck donated by Walter P. Chrysler. The photo is hanging on a wall at the Great Neck Alert Fire Company.

Questions: Does anyone know where this fire truck is today?

What is the exact model of the fire truck?

Question: Does anyone have background information relevant to Bell & Post Motors Corp. of Farmingdale.

Submitted by Gary Hammond

I have quite a bit of info. on Harry L. Post of Post & Bell in Farmingdale.    I worked for a number of years helping my good friend, the late Frank R. Spratt in researching the Fulton Motor Truck Company of Farmingdale.   His results were self published by him in 1989 as "The Remingtons and Clyde, The Clyde (Fulton) Motor Truck Company".   Harry Post lived & worked in F'dale & was the man who built the bodies for the Fulton Trucks, also basically put them out of business, as they owned him a lot of money for the work, and went bankrupt as a result.   I have a number of things from Post including:

-his business card
-checks from him
-a flyer listing goods manufactured by him
-photo of interior of factory
-stock certificate for Bell & Post Motors (1925)


Dec 28 2014 Robert Conner 5:17 PM

Ed, I will offer a theory about the 1927, based on the picture. the front end does match the Chrysler autos of that year. However, There is no apparent pump on the rig. Looks like it is being used as a hose wagon, when not used as a racing team truck. I think that a civilian Chrysler was converted to a racing team vehicle. I am a Life Member of Kings Park and reside in Pa. In our history, we had a Lincoln touring car that was cut down and modified for tournament racing, around 1931. It also served as a truck to carry brooms etc. for brush fire fighting. The modification looked nice and had nice pipe handrails running along the back. Most departments, back in those Depression days did not have too much money to buy fancy rigs for Tournament competition. With ingenuity, the volunteer firemen worked with what they had. Just my guess on its employ.  Bob

Jan 11 2015 S. Berliner, III 9:29 PM

Oh, my gosh!  For many years, ca. 1960-on, I tried to track down a legendary 1931 Chrysler Imperial 8 CG, converted to a fire truck for the Kings Park FD, with no success.  Could this ‘27 have been the “source” of the rumor I chased?  Sam, III

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