Dec 06 2014

Saturday Search Findings: A 1907 Alco Berliet (Updated 3/3/2015)

Search: "Make and Model" submitted by Dave Greene. Posted: 12/6/2014

Dave Greene: "I am trying to confirm if the car in the photo is an Alco - It was owned by a local oil barron and was reputed to have been custom made for him. There are no markings in the photo that give it away but there are a few attributes that may make it possible. Can you ID the make of this car?"

From Ariejan Bos: "I would say there is little doubt that this either an American Berliet or an Alco of 1908, the year of the name change. All details fit: shape of radiator and filler cap, front axle, wheel hubs (though not very clear due to LoRes photo), steering wheel with semi-circle support for manual controls. The typical American roadster-style body with round dash according to period fashion is indeed not standard in my opinion."

From Ariejan Bos (Updated 3/3/2015): This is a copy of the Horseless Age of June 12, 1907, showing clearly the same car. Interesting is that it not custom-built, but a factory model. At the time the company called there cars just 'Berliet' apparently.



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