Aug 21 2009

Jack Mayes Collection: Stanguellini, Bandini and an Effyh

Jack Mayes has sumitted this wonderful photo of three racers from his collection. From left to right are; a Stanguellini, a Bandini and one of my favorite Bridgehamption cars, an Effyh.

As shown in this 2-minute newsreel, Harry Carter won the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race in the parking lot of Roosevelt Raceway in a Stanguelli. A Bandini was also entered in this race.

Jack Mayes has provided this information on his Effyh:

I acquired it in 1976 in Southern Illinois. The engine & gearbox were removed when it was owned and raced by Bill Rutan. In New England…I purchased them from him in about 1978 and the numbers matched those on the nameplate. With the exception of missing suspension covers, the car appears to be identical (to Chuck Kotchan's Effyh) down to the rollbar details.

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