Dec 06 2016

Sam & Dave’s Excellent Lost Motor Parkway Adventure II: Wheeler Farmway Bridge in Queens

On Saturday, March 12, 2016, Dave and his 11-year old son Sammy embarked on another bike adventure exploring lost and forgotten sections of the Long Island Motor Parkway.
Dave Russo: "We did the same 38 mile bike trip this time as last time....the focus this time (and every trip going forward) was to find things that were new/different/off the beaten path."
In the second post of the 2016 series, Sam & Dave explore the mysterious Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1 in  Oakland Gardens, Queens. The bridge was needed to connect the north and south sections of the Wheeler farm.


Howard Kroplick

The Motor Parkway Atlas shows the location of the Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1, just east of the Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard) Bridge. The Motor Parkway was on top of this farmway bridge.

The top of the bridge on the northern side.

Sammy is seen across from the southern concrete top of the bridge (far right).

Updated: Sammy getting set to enter the small opening on the southern side of the bridge.

This exploration is not recommended only for the "very brave".

The 1911 imprint inside the bridge.

For the very first time, an inside look video of the Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1.


Dec 07 2016 Brian McHale 9:10 AM

Very COOOOL. Thanks guys.

Dec 07 2016 Dave Russo 12:23 PM

Ok to all moms out there (including sammys) I swear I went in there first and made sure the coast was clear before Sam came in!

How cool is it that this is still here? When you get down in there you can stand and walk around, it’s pretty cool. People walk, run, and bike all day long on this path and nobody is aware of the historical significance. We got several “what the **** are you guys doing” kind of looks but that’s ok, all in the name of exploration!

If you are brave (crazy) and want to check this out, definitely don’t go alone. Bring a friend.

Dec 07 2016 Art Kleiner 1:30 PM

Hi Dave and Sam,
Great adventure under the parkway.  I was down there a number of years back and glad to see its still accessible.  On list to do again!

Dec 07 2016 Brian D McCarthy 7:51 PM

I’m picturing the look on passerbyers faces as your “exiting” out. Frank and I were checking out this area a bit recently, but going under there wasn’t in the cards. Thanks for the look see, Dave and Sam.

Dec 11 2016 S. Berliner, III 11:03 PM

Are you sure Sammy went in on the north side?  When I was there back on 03 May 2008 with Ed Murray, <>, there wasn’t room on the north side for anyone, not even Sammy, to crawl through, nor could one stand up inside after crawling in on the south side.  Love your posts.  The “other” Sam, III

Dec 12 2016 Dave Russo 4:11 PM

Sam III - I remember Eddie Murray, he was a heck of a first baseman!

Yes, we went through the south side, you are correct. Three is a small opening on the north side that Sammy could struggle through, but why bother? The south opening is not exactly big by any stretch, but you can get on your back and wiggle through.

But certainly once you get in there and get down a little bit you can surely walk around under there, as you can see from the video. I’m 6’1” and was walking around no problem.

Dec 13 2016 frank femenias 1:44 AM

Great vid guys. This is first educational and entertaining as well. THANK YOU. It gives a more realistic view of what is really inside. Cant wait to explore it myself. Keep it up!

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