Oct 21 2014

The News Photo Clips of Rosamund Lancaster Warburton and William K. Vanderbilt Jr.

Following a formal divorce in 1927 (after more than 29 years of separation) from his first wife Virginia Graham Fair, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. married Rosamund Lancaster Warburton in Paris on September 5, 1927. She was previously married to Barclay Harding Warburton II, an heir to the John Wanamaker fortune.

Rosamund and Willie K. traveled throughout the world in their yachts and seaplane. As seen below their journeys were often captured in news photo clips.


Howard Kroplick

December 8, 1932, Great Palm Island, off Coast of Australia- Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, leaders of New York's social set, pictured in a group of natives of Great Palm Island.


February 12, 1937, Miami Beach, Florida Commodore and Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt of New York.


“Over the Seven Seas”: A Film Starring William K. Vanderbilt II


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