May 21 2011

Take the Alco Black Beast Road Test

In preparation for several upcoming special events, the Alco Black Beast was successfully road tested over 20 miles during the last three days.

Check out this two-minute highlight of the road test. This video was filmed using a GoPro HD Pro mounted on my helmet. The positioning of the camera allows you to get a real feel for driving the Beast.

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May 22 2011 Richard Motycka 9:05 AM

That should get you around the Indy track with no problems!

May 22 2011 Robert E. Richer 9:55 AM

HelmUt?  Dos es German?  Great shots, Howard.  But I kept waiting for you to really hit the loud pedal.
Thank goodness, summer has arrived…finally.

May 22 2011 Howard Kroplick 7:23 PM

Danke schön!


May 22 2011 Frank Femenias 11:35 PM

The beast is HOT! I’m listening carefully and it sounds ready than ever before. Please let me know when elbow grease is required at OBVR. Cheers

May 23 2011 George Bartunek 9:37 AM

I hope that you have a great run around the track in Indianapolis next week end and I am looking forward to seeing it on TV.
I was requested to ask you of the possibility of showing the “Beast” at the Hallockville Museum on Sat., June 18 as part of an event to celebrate the history of Sound Ave. This is to be a cooperative event by the North Fork Environmental Council and the Museum and will include a trolley tour on Sound Ave. hosted by Dr. Richard Wines, a well-respected local historian. I did explain that this would be somewhat of an imposition on you for such a short visit and demonstration. However, Bob Barauskas will be giving a brief presentation about the 1909 stock car race on Sound Ave. and the Beast would be a perfect example of the type of cars that ran.
Regards, George Bartunek

May 23 2011 Russell Bilzing 7:00 PM

I noticed the front fender braces on the Beast.  Do you have the originals, or are you having a set made?  I know it might race without them,but perhaps they were removed beforehand.  Just curiousity.

May 23 2011 Howard Kroplick 8:01 PM

Hi Russell:

The braces held canvass fenders when the Beast was not racing. The originals are long gone.


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