Oct 21 2015

Remnants of Long Island Motor Parkway Discovered in Queens

Eric Shaffer has forwarded photos of apparent remnants of the Motor Parkway that he found in Queens.


Howard Kroplick

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Creedmoor Hospitol

Eric Shaffer: This photo was taken behind Creedmoor Hospital. It looks like a section of the Motor Parkway is coming out of the grass.

The photo was taken near the back parking lot close to the Cross Island Parkway.

Queens County Farm Museum

Eric Shaffer: There are many large chunks of roadway lying around the Queens County Farm Museum.

Eric Shaffer: Access to this area is easily gained through the soccer fields. Pick up the rubble trail and follow. The driveway of the New York Children's Center also matches up with the location of the old road. They probably paved over it.

Femenias' Findings (Submitted by frank Femenias)


Oct 22 2015 Ted 12:21 PM

It’s amazing what you can find. You probably never thought that remnants would be found in those places. Good catch Eric,thanks. To bad I’m not in living in New York,I would check it out for myself.

Oct 22 2015 frank femenias 9:29 PM

Great discovery Eric. Was the first Creedmoor photo taken just beyond the curb line?  If so, I found this strip lines up directly with the right of way. Sending Howard a photo.

Oct 24 2015 Roger A. Price 10:42 PM



Oct 24 2015 chris lindsley 11:25 PM

These are great pics…one thing about the Queens County Museum though… the LIMP ROW runs through the South and SE area of the Farm, and onto 74th Avenue, which is the approximate ROW…. I was there taking photos in the late 1990’s and there were still clear patches of cement ( I stlll have the pictures) i have a 1946 Hagstroms with LIMP still in it ...no 74th Avenue yet. Also the entrance to a school off of Commonwealth IS the ROW as well…to be honest don’t know if the school is still there.

Oct 26 2015 JOHN HERLING 10:01 PM

The LIMP ROW did not run through any part of the Queens County Farm Museum, but along the southern border of Green Meadow Farm’s parking lot, which is directly across Little Neck Parkway from 74th Ave.

Oct 27 2015 Dave Russo 7:19 PM

Very Cool post.

Hunting for hidden Vanderbilt Parkway is a great thing. Thanks for the post!
Creedmoor section is legit—- good pics.

Definitely not Queens Cty Farm Museum, but rather Greem Meadow Farm - southern portion. It’s still pretty evident where road runs at that point. I dont know that that pic is, just neatly arranged random rocks it seems.

WORLD SERIES GAME ONE!!!! I still cant believe they are in it.

Oct 21 2016 frank femenias 9:44 PM

No, not just neatly arranged, I believe this is the foundation of the Creedmoor Highway bridge. A recent overlay placed it right on the spot. This is the only LIMP remnant I know of the area besides the pedestrian underpass.

Nov 14 2016 David Stephan 11:31 AM

Those “neatly arranged rocks” in Eric’s first photo seem to be the lining of a drainage ditch and at least two stones appear to be setts and not cobbles (surprising). Those cobbles and setts are probably the bottom bed of the ditch that escaped destruction/leveling/erosion because it was originally so below grade.  (A construction cross-section that includes a ditch is shown for the first segment of LIMP in Good Roads Magazine, Volume 9, page 320.)

Dec 15 2016 JOHN HERLING 4:13 PM

The Motor Parkway did not run through or adjacent to the Queens County Farm Museum.  It ran just north of Elkmont Avenue, along what is now the southern border of the Green Meadows Farm Petting Zoo parking lot.

Jul 28 2019 Art Kleiner 6:51 AM

Interesting article about Creedmoor and the use of the Motor Parkway.

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