Aug 23 2017

Profile Series: Tucker 1004- The Only Tucker to Race in NASCAR

In the fourth of our profile series on the 51 Tuckers, Tucker 1004 is featured, the only Tucker to compete in NASCAR and the only expatriate Tucker currently on display (Nagakutecho, Japan).


Howard Kroplick

Tucker 1004

Original Color: Grey/500
Current Color: Maroon


  • June 18, 1948: Sold to Pittsburgh Tucker Sales
  • June 12, 1949: Sold to used car dealer Red Harris of Pittsburgh, PA.
  • 1950: Driven by Joe Merola, participated in two NASCAR races.
  • 1950/1951: Sold to Oldsmobile/GMC dealer Wayne Weaver.
  • January 5, 1963: Sold to Raymond Burton of Fairfax, Virginia for $2,250.
  • 1988: Appeared in the film Tucker: A Man and His Dream
  • September 6, 1991: Did not sell at Classic Autions International auction in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • 1991: Sold to Happy's Custom Auto Accessories of Las Vegas.
  • Post 1991: Sold to its current owner Toyosta Automobile Museum.

Current Owner: Toyota Automobile Museum

Current Ownership Type: Museum

Location: Nagakutecho, Japan
Website: Toyota Automobile Museum

Profile and Images (Tucker Automobile Club of America)

Engine: Franklin 0-335, 6-cylinder horizontally opposed, 334 cubic inch, 166 HP
Transmission: Tucker Y-1

Notes/Distinguishing Features:

  • One of only two Tuckers located in Japan-The only one on display.
  • Entered in two NASCAR races in 1950. Sources:


                    Hemmings Classic Car March 2012

  • Participated in the 1988 Film Tucker: The Man and His Dream

An early photo of Tucker 1004 in its original grey color.

NASCAR History-1950

Competing at 200-lap Canfield Motor Speedway on May 30,1950.

At the Grand National Championship Race on July 9, 1950 held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in New York.

Standing next to Tucker '48 #1004 is Joe Merola of Wikinsburg, PA, its driver in the NASCAR races.

Classic Auctions International, September 6-8, 1991

Tucker 1044 did not sell at this auction.

Toyota Automobile Museum- 2013


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