Feb 15 2017

Opportunity to Purchase Your Own Chrysler’s Chrysler (Scale 1:43)

The 1937 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Town Car is a one-of-a -kind automobile built for Walter Chrysler as a gift for his wife Della. Inventist Distribution of the Netherlands has recently introduced a 1:43 scale model of this historic automobile under its Matrix brand name.

Although Inventis produced their model without my approval, they did send me three of the 408 models that they produced.


Howard Kroplick

Inventis' Matrix Scale Models

The story behind the model was copied from VanderbiltCupRaces.com .

Available from Fairchild Collectibles

Great description: "Fit for an automotive queen! "


Feb 26 2017 Tom 9:10 AM

It does look like an excellent job, especially in the small scale!

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