Feb 02 2012

Newsday April 5, 1998 Article “History Takes the High Road”


Although the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society was organized just last year, efforts to preserve the parkway have been ongoing for decades- most noteworthy by the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel. As forwarded by Bob and Colleen Albertson,  Newsday reporter Sylvia Adcock in April 1998 documented in this article" History Takes the High Road: Preservationists attempting to save parts of  the nation's first road for cars".


Howard Kroplick


"It is history, hidden from view.This is the old Long Island Motor Parkway, the nation's first road designed for automobiles. This 88-year-old bridge, one of the two remaining from the parkway's earliest years, rises above piles of debris on the grounds of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration." "Officials say this 88-year-old bridge, once part of the Long Island Motor Parkway, is not a top restoration project. Daniel Mariott: "We still don't think of roads as historical resources. We kind of got the thing with houses, but roads we're just starting to understand." "This path in Bethpage State Park was part of the parkway." Link to the History Takes the High Road.pdf


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