Jan 16 2015

Summary of Saturday Searches

A friend of Steve Lucas is looking for any information on this fob that his friend found in a "tray of junk at a yard sale".

Links to the findings of earlier Saturday Searches are provided at the bottom of this post.

Requests for information and photos on everything automotive will be posted on Saturday Searches.   If you have any information on any Saturday Search, please post them in the below Comments section or email them to me at [email protected] .

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Howard Kroplick

Pending Searches

Current Saturday Search: An Early Racing Fob? Submitted by Steve Lucas. Posted on January 16, 2015.

An Early Racing Fob?

Search: Information and Photos of Franz Heim. Submitted by Kurt Heim (January 9, 2015)

Information and Photos of Driver Franz Heim

Search: The Stolen Gates of the Pembroke Estate. Submitted by Tony DiStefano. Posted on 12/12/2014.

The Stolen Gates of the Pembroke Estate

Search: "The Motomaster". Submitted by Greg Peppler. Posted: 12/6/2014

The Motomaster

Search: "Dealership Photo," submitted by Tom Orlando ENYMGA Club. Posted 12/6/2014

Tom Orlando: "Howard, first a thank-you for a great site enjoyed  by all. Now a question, I have searched  high and low for a picture of a dealership (since closed) in Paris, France  with no success.  I ask you for some input, for you seem as resourceful as anyone I have spoken to. It is the dealer that imported  my 1959 MGA, I enclosed a picture  of the dealer plate. I, like you understand  the relevance of a vehicles journey  and past. I have written  to the French mg club, embassy, and searched many websites to no avail. Thanks in advance for any help you may lend."

Search: Long Island Museum Looking For A Vintage Estate Automobile. Submitted by Joshua Ruff. Posted on 12/12/2014

Joshua Ruff: "We are planning a major exhibition called Gilding the Coasts: Art & Design of Long Island’s Great Estates for next summer, June 26 through October 25, 2015.  The exhibition will explore the enormously important story of the creation and life of this region’s major estates between 1880 and 1950.  There are large sections devoted to individual architects and creative entrepreneurs, such as Stanford White and Louis Comfort Tiffany, as well as recreations of portions of individual estates.  A large number of important paintings, works of art, and historical artifacts are being loaned from other museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and private collectors as well.

We are very interested in securing an historic automobile that has a provenance that matches the context of the exhibit: namely, a top-notch conditioned car which has the history of ownership and use on one of LI’s many estates.  The car would need to be available for loan between June 15 and November 1, covering the entire length of the exhibit.  The museum would follow all lender requests regarding insurance, presentation/display, and transportation.  I am very happy to discuss this all with possible candidates.  My contact information is Joshua Ruff, 1-631-751-0066, ext. 224 ."

Findings: Saturday Searches

Walter Chrysler’s Chrysler Fire Truck (Updated: 12/25/14)

A Map of the Bridgehampton Race Circuit

A 1908 Alco

1915 Point Loma Road Race Photos


Dec 17 2014 brian d mccarthy 5:42 PM

With the gentleman (gatekeeper?) standing next to the Pembroke Estate entrance, you can appreciate just how large the gate structure is. With the updated photo of just the gates, they appeared to be leaning against an old tree trunk. And the large chain probably just keeping the gates together, maybe secured to the old trunk? However these were stolen, it could’nt have been a quiet event. Some type of crane or forklift was probably used to get them on a bed of a truck, etc. Cutting the gates in smaller sections would’ve taken too much time/effort.If the thieves are never found, you would hope the gates would be renovated anyway. I wish you luck, Mr DiStefano.

Dec 20 2014 Jeff Payne 4:58 PM

There was indeed a tunnel of sorts under the main straight. I posted a photo of my wife and brother exiting the infield side of the tunnel during the Double 500 race in the early 1960s. Go to http://www.bridgehamptonraceway.com and check the old photos section where you will find a link to several photos of the track I had taken in the 60s

Dec 21 2014 Ted 2:31 PM

Thanks Jeff Payne. I enjoyed those photos and watching those races at the Bridgehampton Raceway. I never had the chance to go to their, so it was really something to see, even though it wasn’t live

Dec 28 2014 Bob Swanson 9:47 AM

Thank you for all the weekly updates, very sad to learn about those stolen gates, i hope they are found. Could you send me a mailing address, I have some 1920’s photos from Oyster Bay that i’d like to send you copies of. Best wishes for 2015. Bob

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