Feb 25 2019

Mystery Foto # 8 Solved: The 1966 TDX Plastic Car Created and Built on Long Island

Joe Amendolia challenged you to identify this 1966 plastic concept car which was displayed last Sunday at the Tucker 1044 Open House .

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify this concept car

The 1966 TDX Plastic Car

  • What was unique about the car?

The 1966 TDX is a V-8 powered all  plastic monocoque car with no metal chassis.  The TDX body and chassis are constructed of foam cored fiberglass reinforced plastic.

  • Who created the car?

Pat Amendolia, inventor, consultant and former owner of a plastics maufacturing company called AMROC in Island Park, New York.

His son Joe recalls "I remember seeing him build that car at that shop alongside items they were producing at the time. The building was an old railroad power station, 3 or 4 stories tall. At one point during the cars construction the body/tub was hanging from the ceiling on the 2nd floor while they built up the underside with reinforced plastics. That was quite a sight for this 12-year old to come upon as I climbed the steps one Saturday at dad's shop."

  • What major automobile magazine featured it in 1968?

Motor Trend featured the TDX in its December 1968 issue.

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Congrats to Ron Ridolph, Jerry Keefer, Steve Lucas,Dick Gorman, and Dr. Marty Ferrillo for correctly identifying the TDX.

Kudos to 90-year old Pat Amendolia for the TDX and his many inventions!


Howard Kroplick

Creator Pat Amendolia's TDX website.

The TDX at Waterfront at Roslyn

The TDX was a big hit on Sunday at the Tucker 1044 Open House.

Joe Amendolia, Pat's son, gave a wonderful presentation on his father's creation. The Kroplicks and Amendolias have known each for over 50 years!

Pat's daughter Patricia (the original TeeDee) and me.

Then & Now: TeeDee and the TDX

Five-Year old Patricia (TeeDee) with her namesake the TDX.

Patricia with the TDX as seen yesterday.

Early Build Photos of the TDX. Courtesy of Pat and Joe Amendolia

Other Images of the Concept Car


Feb 22 2019 Ron Ridolph 2:45 AM

  1966 TDX concept car.  Driver has a 180 degree view,  all reinforced plastic except
for front frame rail, wiring, and drive shaft.  Motor Trend Magazine did the article
and several guys with ties to the plastic industry were the builders and sponsors.

Feb 22 2019 Jerry Keefer 9:52 AM

1966 TDX
http://thetdx.com/the story.htm

Feb 22 2019 Steve Lucas 10:48 PM

That’s a 1966 TDX “all plastic car” constructed by Pat Amendolia (possibly Joe’s father?). The car had no metal frame; both the body and chassis were plastic. It was featured in the December, 1968 issue of Motor Trend in an article by Bob Fendel. The car’s name is derived from the nick-name of the youngster leaning on the car in one of the smaller photos. Her father Pat called her “Tee-Dee” and the “X” is for experimental.

Feb 23 2019 Dick Gorman 9:49 AM

Mystery Foto #8… The plastic car is a TDX designed and built by Pat Amendolia. Uniquely, for that time period, it was built as a monocoque fiberglass (FRP)  body/frame (no metal frame). The car also had Firestone’s foam filled fuel tanks know as Safom as used on race cars today to prevent fuel fires after a crash. The TDX had a polycarbonate rear window which was shatterproof. An article about this car and other fiberglass autos was seen in the December 1968 issue of Motor Trend magazine.

Feb 24 2019 Dr. Martin (Marty) Ferrillo 7:31 AM

1966 TDX, an all fiberglass monocoque. No metal chassis. Chevy v8 powered. Featured in Motortrend. I saw this at the Hemmings Concors at the Saratoga automobile Museum in Saratoga Springs New York. I am a board member there. I would Be nice to see Hemmings bring their event back to the beautiful grounds of the museum and spa state park.

Feb 24 2019 Bill Hollingsworth 8:00 AM


Feb 24 2019 Harris Speedster 9:34 AM

Do you have pictures displaying some of the F suspension, transmission, instruments etc?

Feb 26 2019 Brian D McCarthy 7:57 PM

As Patricia demonstrates, a concept car isn’t complete without a spokesmodel. Nice story behind this creation.

Feb 26 2019 Howard Kroplick 9:27 PM


Was that concept car a Griffen?

Feb 27 2019 frank femenias 3:12 AM

Where does one even begin on an enormous project like this? Definitely ahead of its time in ‘66. Fabulous teamwork, congrats!!

Feb 27 2019 Pat Amendolia 4:24 PM


Thanks for including the TDX in your 1044 Tucker open house Sunday. It brought back some great memories.


Feb 27 2019 frank femenias 10:52 PM

I missed it! The before and after of Patricia. WOW!!! Great stuff Howard! Love it :D

Feb 27 2019 frank femenias 10:55 PM

It’s all amazing

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