Feb 18 2019

Mystery Foto #7 Solved: Two Pegaso Z-102s Parked at the 1953 Bridgehampton Races

Dick Gorman reached into his personal photo collection and challenges you to identify this Mystery Foto.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the manufacturer and model of the two sports cars

 Pegaso Z-102 (1951-1953)​ built in Spain

  • What was this sports car's claim to fame? Hint: Think fast!

Considered one of the fastest produtcion sports cars in the 1950s.

  • What is the approximate market value of this sports car today?

Dick Gorman: A Pegaso sold for $990,000 a few years ago.

  • Where and when was the photo taken?

Dick Gorman: These two Pegaso sports cars were photographed by me at Bridgehampton in 1953 in the parking area for the sportscar racing event held on the streets of the the town. This was before the dedicated race track was built. The Pegasos are extremely rare and almost never seen even at the many Concours events held around the world. Yes, they were shown in 2016 at Amelia Island Concours.

This event was back in my high school days when the camera of choice was a Kodak Baby Brownie. The price was right.

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Congrats to Earl Gandel, Hugh,Casey DeNicola, Mark Schaier, Bill Schwartzberg, Bill Hollingsworth and Jeff Becker for identifying the Pegasos.

Kudos to Casey DeNicola, Bill Schwartzberg, Bill Hollingsworth and Jeff Becker for recognizing the Bridgehampton parking lot. 


Howard Kroplick

The Other Sports Car


Pegaso Z-102 The Thriller

Pegasos at the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance


Feb 17 2019 Earl Gandel 12:51 AM

Both Pegaso?

Feb 17 2019 Hugh 2:06 AM

Spanish Pegaso cars circa 1954. They were the re-boot of the Hispano-Suiza pre war cars. They have an over head cam super charged V8. Most of the Z-102 Pegasos were bodied by Touring in Italy. Following the death of their main racing driver at LeMans car production was stopped and the company built trucks and busses for about 20 more years. The Pegaso cars are well over $1M today. Looks like at Watkins Glen.

Feb 17 2019 Casey DeNicola 3:14 PM

I believe the cars are Pegasos.Made in Spain under order of Trujillo.Seems to be early 1950s.Looks like early(mid 60s) parking lot of NY Inst.of Tech.(Whitney estate?) in Old Westbury. haha.

Feb 17 2019 Casey DeNicola 3:17 PM

After looking at close up,Must be road race at Bridgehampton?

Feb 17 2019 S. Berliner, III 7:50 PM

Dunno about the garbage in front and behind but the true sports car is probably a 1936-39 vintage SS-1 (now Jaguar) tourer half hidden in between.  The one at left rear is a more modern classic, a ca.-1957-59 Mercedes 220S Cabriolet A.  HAH!  Might that lump in front be a Bertone body?  Sam, III

Feb 17 2019 mark schaier 11:15 PM

The dark color model is 1951-56 Pegaso Z-102, the light color is 1952 Pegaso Z-102 ‘Cupola’. Other informations is unknown to me?

Feb 18 2019 mark schaier 4:56 AM

The dark color car is a 1951-1956 Pegaso Z102/Z103? Berlinetta GT coupe by Touring

Feb 18 2019 Bill Schwartzberg 12:32 PM

Re: mystery photo, The car is a 1953 Pagaso model Z102 built in Spain by Empresa Nacional De Autocamiones, a truck manufacturer. The car had a 4-0verhead camshaft V-8 engine and 5-speed gearbox. Photo is the parking area at the Bridgehampton sports car races in 1953 0r1954. The only other car I can Identify the the 1954 Ford station wagon.

Feb 18 2019 John Van Gasteren 1:00 PM

I think one’s an Aston Martin of some kind based on the insignia on the back, the other an Alpha or something else Italian, possibly in Salisbury Park sometime after 1951 due to the ‘52 or ‘53 Ford wagon in the picture.

Feb 18 2019 Dick Gorman 7:33 PM

Very pleased that Howard decided to use my Pegaso photos. It occurs to me that these beautiful Spanish thoroughbred coupes with strong V8 power could be the Pre-Mustang Mustangs…. just ten years ahead of time. Amazing that back in ‘53 they were driving these around as if they were normal, regular cars.

Feb 18 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:48 PM

Bill Hollingsworth
The Pegaso Z-102 in the foreground was at the time considered the fastest production sports car in the world, also the most expensive. The photo looks to be 1953 or later as the Ford station wagon looks to be a 1953. The car hidden behind the Pegaso could be an Alvis. The white car being blocked could be a Bertone bodied Arnolt Bristol. My guess for the car behind the Bristol would be a XK120. The last car, parked along the fence is 1952 Mercedes Benz 300 Coupe.  There are two MGTC’s on the other side of the fence with the Ford. Where?  Could be the Hamptons. 1953-4

The second car is also a Pegaso. Sports Car Market says approximate market value of the coupes is $550,000.

That was fun. Good photo.

Feb 18 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:49 PM

Jeff Becker

The car in front is a 1954 Pegaso Z 102.  I suspect they are in the parking field for one of the early street races at Bridgehampton.  Probably 1954.  I guess that’s Ocean Road in the background.

Need a better closeup to get the other sports car in the photo.

Feb 19 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:30 PM

I’m afraid Bill is right about the Mercedes Cabriolet A.  The side panel stripes-cum-grilles on the hood/bonnet made me think 220S but the window and top/head proportions do look 300S (see <http://sbiii.com/merbzpix/cabrioas.jpg>).  Sam, III

Feb 20 2019 Earl Gandel 6:02 PM

I held off on guessing the location, but I pretty much recognized the background, having run the track in the 70’s-80’s and lived in Bridgehampton for 15 years.

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