Sep 11 2017

Mystery Foto #36 Solved: On the Long Island Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way in East Meadow

Frank Femenias challenged you again to solve this weekend's Mystery Foto of a former section of the Motor Parkway.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify this location and the orientation

The golf cart path in Eisenhower Park looking east toward Salisbury Park Drive. It was the former location of the Meadowbrook Motor Parkway Bridge (1908-1938) that went over Newbridge Road (Bellmore Road and now East Meadow Avenue)

  • Which Vanderbilt Cup Races were held in this location?

The 1908, 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races were held on this section of the Motor Parkway.

  • Which major race accident occurred in this location?

During the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race, Harold Stone driving the #12 Columbia ran off the Meadowbrook Bridge during lap 1. His mechanician William Bacon died as a result of the accident.

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Congrats to Joe Oesterle, Dave Russo, Greg O., Chris Lindsley, Dean, Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner, Michael LaBarbera and Frank Mendyk for identifying Eisenhower Park in East Meadow.

Kudos to Greg O., Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner, Michael LaBarbera and frank Mendyk for identifying Harold Stone's accident at the Meadowbrook Motor Parkway Bridge in 1910.


Howard Kroplick

Femenias Findings (Submitted by Frank Femenias)

Looking east from Merrick Avenue in East Meadow to the Meadowbrook Bridge and the Ladenburg Estate.

Looking west from the former Meadowbrook Bridge location, which went over Newbridge Road (Belmmore Road).

Then (1938) and Now

Sam & Dave's Excellent Motor Parkway Adventure (Submitted by Sammy and Dave Russo)

Dave Russo: Pics from 2016 - our Vanderbilt Day II regarding this week's mystery photo:
Looking west towards NYCB building. Interesting pic --- how do you explain this old portion merging with the current golf path / supposed LIMP ROW?

Looking east towards Salisbury Park Drive - probably in the vicinity of Frank's picture.

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

"When the Columbia car jumped off a bridge near the Meadowbrook Lodge."

Mendyck's Journeys (Submitted by Frank Mendyck)

Frank Mendyck: Possible Motor Parkway remnants just west of this weeks Mystery Photo.  The photos are at the east end of the golf path about  a 150 yards east of Merrick Avenue. 

Additional Images of the Meadowbrook Motor Parkway Bridge

1938 Aerial


Sep 07 2017 Joe Oesterle 10:16 PM

Eisenhower Park, looking East.  Golf path.  The house we see on the left, through the trees and chain link fence is on Salisbury Park Drive, it is the third house north of the corner of Ladenburg Drive.  1908 Race only.

Sep 07 2017 Dave Russo 10:38 PM

Golf cart path in Eisenhower Park - looking towards east toward Salisbury Park Drive. Is it confirmed that this is the LIMP ROW? I tend to think this is it, or very close. Wayne’s map doesn’t show it aligning with the cart path but when on site it does seem to correspond with where the LIMP would be based on the toll lodge remnants at nearby NYCB building.

I sent Howard an interesting pic of a “road” that leads into this location, not sure if it’s significant but it’s worth looking at!

Sep 07 2017 Greg O. 10:43 PM

-Identify this location and the orientation
Looking East in Eisenhower Park towards present Salisbury Park Drive at the location of the Newbridge Ave parkway bridge.

-Which Vanderbilt Cup Races were held in this location?
1908,1909, 1910 races

-Which major race accident occurred in this location?
USA’s Harold Stone, driving the #12 Columbia in the 1910 VCR, ran off the bridge killing his mechanician William Bacon during the first lap.

Sep 08 2017 Ted 2:34 AM

This looks so familiar,now to figure out where it is,then I’ll know the rest of it,wish me luck.

Sep 09 2017 Peter Stephens 11:59 PM

Wheatley Hill GC, East Williston, NY   facing South East.
The fourth tee heading to the fourth green. It’s a par five with a dog leg to the right; uphill to boot.

Sep 10 2017 chris lindsley 12:01 AM

my 2 cents….LIMP row in Eisenhower Park, specifically what is the golf course today. Facing east near Stewart Ave /Salisbury Park Drive.
I believe both Willie K and George V both used this strip.
Accident? maybe the 1910?

Sep 10 2017 Dean 12:44 PM

Eisenhower Park.  I have a story about it in the movie.

Sep 10 2017 Howard Kroplick 8:34 PM

Jim Barnes:

The mystery photo is a part of the motor parkway adjacent to the American legion hall where the greater by car club meets. At this min I am not sure of the town, but t will send it later today.

Sep 10 2017 Steve Lucas 9:10 PM

I think we’re looking east in Eisenhower Park along the park’s border with Salisbury Park Drive. The 1908, 1909, and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races all ran through this area. At that time there was a LIMP bridge over Bellmore Road / Newbridge Avenue at this location that driver Harold Stone, in his Columbia racer, failed to negotiate on October 1, 1910, resulting in an accident that killed his mechanician, Matthew Bacon.

Sep 11 2017 Art Kleiner 11:17 AM

I believe this is along Salisbury Park Drive in Westbury, with the pathway in Eisenhower Park looking south (the Red course?), just before the curve in the road veering east towards Newbridge Road. 

The 1908-1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races were held along here.

Accident was during the 1910 Cup Race involving driver Harold Stone (survived) and Mechanician Matthew Bacon who tragically lost his life.  Car veered off the Meadowbrook Bridge.

Sep 11 2017 Michael LaBarbera 11:46 AM

My guess is looking east from Merrick Avenue LIMP ROW toward the Newbridge Avenue Bridge, used in the 1908 1909 and 1910 cup races - the Major Accident occured 1910 with driver Harold Stone careening off the bridge top. Now its used as a path for golf carts.

Sep 11 2017 Frank Mendyk 7:18 PM

The photo is taken from the Eisenhower Park Red Course golf Path.  The photo is facing east towards present day Salisbury Drive (Old Newbridge Ave).  The location is just west of Meadowbrook Motor Parkway bridge.  The 1908 -1910 Vanderbilt Cup races was held on this section.

Cup racer Harold Stone’s machanician was killed in the 1910 cup race at the Meadowbrook bridge thus ending racing on the LIMP.

Sep 12 2017 Dick Gorman 3:03 PM

Tim Ivers who answers the mystery Photos nearly every week did not respond to Mystery Foto #36. Hoping that he was able to weather the storms at or near his Florida home in recent days.

Sep 13 2017 Tim Ivers 9:45 AM

Thanks Dick Gorman ...I appreciate you…we were fine in the Panhandle, west of the storm path.  The mystery photo stumped me.

Sep 13 2017 Tim Ivers 10:06 AM

Thank you for asking, Dick Gorman, and since we were well west of the hurricane here in the Florida Panhandle, we had only some wind gusts.
And I was clueless on the Mystery photo.

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