Jul 13 2015

Mystery Foto #28 Solved: Walter P. Chrysler and his Daughter Bernice Chrysler Garbisch in Palm Beach

Frank Rhodes Jr., great-grandson of Walter P. Chrysler, challenged you to identify this image.

Mystery Foto questions:


7/12/2015: The man and woman are related.

7/12/2015: They are father and daughter.

  • Identify the man and the woman

Walter P. Chrysler and his daughter Bernice Chrysler Garbish in the 1930s. Bernice inherited the 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler from her parents in 1940.

  • Who was the likely photographer?

There is a Townsend Studio imprint on the lower right corner of the photo. William H. Townsend was a prominent society photographer based in Newport and Palm Beach. 

  • Where was this photo likely taken?

Since the Chrysler had a summer home in Palm Beach, it was the likely location for the photo.

Congrats to Steve Lucas for correctly identifying Walter and Bernice.

Kudos to Tom Mc for identifying the bonus Mystery Foto as the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Troy, New York.



Howard Kroplick


Bonus Mystery Foto

Bob Hoffman needs your assistance in identifying this photo. The caption reads "July 28, 1931 Nassau County Police Band."

Note: It is definitely not the Roslyn Clock Tower.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Troy, New York


Jul 12 2015 Len wiiliams 8:29 AM

Walter and Della Chrysler. I’m guessing Atlantic City.

Jul 12 2015 Steve Lucas 6:20 PM

That looks like Walter P. Chrysler and his daughter Bernice. Since this is a very informal family snapshot, I’m guessing it was taken by Mrs. Della Chrysler at the family’s estate in King’s Point, now the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Jul 12 2015 tommc 10:41 PM

that is the soldiers and sailors monument in troy ny.  still there, site of a great farmers market every Saturday.

Jul 13 2015 Ted 10:53 PM

Didn’t know that there were hints,but still wouldn’t of known it anyway. The bonus,no clue on that either,

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