May 20 2019

Mystery Friday Foto #20 Solved: The End of the 1960 Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup Race

This weekend's Mystery Foto documented the conclusion of a race.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the race, the trophy and the people holding the trophy

1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race and Cornelius Vanderbilt Cu. Cornelius Vanderbilt IV is  handing the trophy to winner Harry Carter.

  • Where was the photo taken and on what date?

Finish line of the ‘60 VCR in the Roosevelt Raceway (harness) parking lot in Westbury on June 19, 1960

  • What does the "S" logo in the photo stand for?

 Stanguellini-the racer driven by the winner Carter.

  • WFYI was based in which Long Island village?


  • Kudos question: What was the orientation of the photographer? Provide a rationale.

The photographer was in the paddock area looking west. The old Franklin National Bank Building (now Charles Schwab) located at the intersection of Old Country Road and Linton Road can be seen in the background to the left of the Martini & Rossi Bridge.

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Congrats to Greg O., Steve Tremulis, Steve Lucas, Gary, Sam Berliner III, Robert Saunders, Dick Gorman and Bob Swanson for identifying the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race run in the parking lot of Roosevelt Raceway.

Kudos to Sam Berliner III  for posting the course map and the Stanguellini "S" logo and for being at the race held almost 59 years ago.


Howard Kroplick


Other 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race Photos from the New York Daily News

Drivers Jim Rathmann and Carroll Shelby posing in Old 16 Locomobile for a pre-race PR photo.


May 17 2019 Greg O. 7:36 AM

-Identify the race, the trophy and the people holding the trophy
1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race and trophy. Cornelius Vanderbilt IV handing the trophy to winner Harry Carter

-Where was the photo taken and on what date?
Finish line of the ‘60 VCR in the Roosevelt Raceway parking lot June 19, 1960

-What does the “S” logo in the photo stand for?
I’ll assume ‘Stanguellini’ the type of car Carter drove.

-WFYI was based in which Long Island village?

-Kudos question: What was the orientation of the photographer? Provide a rationale.
Pits on the left so probably Looking Southwest down the course straightaway.

May 17 2019 Steve Tremulis 11:49 PM

The “S” is the Stanguellini logo on winning driver Henry Carter’s racing suit, Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY, June 19, 1960! The Vanderbilt Cup revival put on by the New York chapter of the SCCA.

May 18 2019 Steve Lucas 5:55 PM

This photo was taken on June 19, 1960 in the parking lot of Roosevelt Raceway (harness track) as Cornelius Vanderbilt IV (nephew of Willie K.) is presenting the Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup to Harry Carter who had just won the 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race. The “S” logo represents Stanguellini, the manufacturer of Carter’s racer. WFYI, at 1520 on the dial, was an AM radio station based in Mineola. I believe we are looking west along the straightaway with the Martini & Rossi pedestrian bridge in the background. Way off in the distance could be the Franklin National Bank building.

May 19 2019 Gary 8:36 AM

Mystery #20
Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup Formula Junior SCCA race
Winner’s Circle, Roosevelt Field road course June 19, 1960
CV IV and winner Harry Carter in photo
Carter raced a Stanguellini, presumed “S”

Photog could have been standing on the TV remote van, slight elevation over crowd.  Possible but very unlikely he was balanced on the front wheels of this racecar.

Regarding the snooty, back-handed comment in your own report…
I assure you this race was taken very seriously by Masters Carter, Wallace, Truitt, Davis, and Flink who, with their own cars and money, defeated teams with well-known hired-gun drivers.  For SCCA amateur drivers to race against the Rodriguez brothers, Walt Hansgen, and Rodger Ward was a great opportunity;  then to defeat them, amazing to think about nearly sixty years later.  Westfield Walt and Ward had a history of winning in northeast, Lime Rock events of this time period.  They were not celebrity fish out of water.  Way to go Carter, Truitt, and Lew Flink!

Thank you for posting the photo.
ELVA / Scorpion club

May 19 2019 S. Berliner, III 5:23 PM

Recognized Cornelius V., IV, so it had to be the “phoney” 1960 race at Roosevelt Field (I vas dere, Cholly, even to being on the course in my XK-120M Jag afterwards),  I usually work from memory but, this time, I cheated big time!  Look at the course map, attached.  We must be at the finish line looking (LI) west at the Martini & Rossi bridge on Sunday, 19 June.  C.V.,IV is handing his cup to Henry Carter, driver of the winning Stanguellini FIAT.  Carter’s “S” badge (took me forever to find it!) stands for Stanguellini (also attached).  FYI, WFYI has been in Indianapolis since 15 Mar 1988 but was in Mineola at 1520 on your AM dial ‘way back.  I vaguely remember a tall antenna atop a building across the north plaza from the Mineola station - anyone?  ‘Nuf cheating?  Sam, III

image image
May 20 2019 Robert Saunders 2:32 PM

Race: 1960 Vanderbilt Cup Race
Trophy: Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup
People holding the trophy: Cornelius Vanderbilt IV, Henry Carter
Photo place & date: Roosevelt Raceway, June 1960
“S” logo: Stanguellini. An Italian maker of small sports cars.
WFYI base: Mineola
Orientation of the photographer? No idea

May 20 2019 frank femenias 2:33 PM

I have only few answers. Bridgehampton Racing Circuit, Noyak, NY. The victory group was standing on the main straight of the race course by the pit area (left side of photo where the racers are parked). Photographer is facing NE towards the Martini & Rossi pedestrian overpass. The Chevron overpass is behind the photographer on the same straightaway. Based on clothing, microphone, hair styles, lamp posts, this photo was taken in the early ‘60s. The “S” is possibly for SCCA. Could that be Willie K’s nephew Cornelius Vanderbilt IV presenting the cup? Waiting patiently for this week’s answers. HURRY UP!

The race course is now entirely occupied by the Bridge Golf Course. Map link—>,-72.34230764357858&z=15

Cockpit view video while racing on The Bridge—>

image image
May 20 2019 Dick Gorman 6:04 PM

Mystery Foto #20… The race was the Cornelius Vanderbilt IV Cup Race. The trophy was of course The Vanderbilt Cup. The two people holding the cup are Cornelius Vanderbilt IV to the left and winning driver Harry Carter. The photo was taken at Roosevelt Raceway on June 19, 1960. The course used a portion of the parking facilities and access roads for the harness racing track. The “S” logo on Carter’s overall was the symbol for the Stanguellini race cars. WFYI radio was based in Mineola.
I have always thought that the choice of Formula Junior race cars for this event was a very odd choice. Many of these drivers were seasoned pros used to very fast cars, but the cars they were driving that day were nothing more than an “entry level” machines in which neophyte drivers could learn racing skills. The cars used inexpensive mechanical components from ordinary automobiles. They were powered by 1000 cc motors. The were not particularly fast. and were not a professional class of race car at all.

May 20 2019 Bob Swanson 7:53 PM

Cornelius Vanderbilt Cup, held by Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. and race winner Harry Carter. The race was run at Roosevelt Raceway on June 18-19 1960, Carter won driving a Stanguellini Formula Junior the S logo on his racing suit is the company logo. Bob Swanson

May 21 2019 Casey DeNicola 8:33 AM

I didn’t answer this,because I wasn’t sure of my answers.I originally thought B’hampton because of ped bridge.But ruled it out because of mall style parking lot lights and bank building in distance.I did kind of remember this revival being held at Roosevelt raceway and thought building in background might be Meadowbrook hospital(NC med center now).Anyway,whether I know answer or not,I love Mystery photos!Great feature Howard.

May 21 2019 frank femenias 6:53 PM

Whoops, I couldn’t have been more further from the truth on the other side of this long island. Excellent sleuthing by all, Vanderbilt’s Martini & Rossi it is! I think I’ll have a drink…


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