Apr 13 2015

Mystery Foto #15 Revealed: Emanuel Cedrino & His Wife Preparing for the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race

This weekend's Mystery Foto featured a unique Vanderbilt Cup Race team.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions: Identify the following:

  • The driver and his passenger. Note: A driver profile on VanderbiltCupRaces.com was revised on 4/12/2015.

This Mystery Foto stumped everyone including VanderbiltCupRaces.com profiles. As noted in the 1905 trade journals, the team was Emanuel Cedrino and his wife, who often assisted as his mechanic.  Cedrino was often confused with his teammate Paul Sartori.

  • The race car and the year(s) it participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Race (s)

Mr. and Mrs. Cedrino were preparing the #12 FIAT for the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race. The former chauffeur to Queen Helena of Italy, Cedrino only drove one in the Vanderbilt Cup Races. He was killed practicing to break a speed record at Pimlico Track in Baltimore, Maryland on May 29, 1908.

  • Bonus: Identify the location of the photo.

Emanuel Cedrino and his wife were photographed in front of the FIAT headquarters at August Porrier's Hotel and Garage  in Garden City, on the border of Hempstead.

Unless the 1905 trade journals were incorrect, no one correctly solved this Mystery Foto. In fact, this contest resulted in changing Paul Sartori's driver profile photo on this website!

Kudos to Frank Femenias and Art Kleiner (see below amazing Kleiner's Korner aerials) for correctly identifying the Porrier's location for the photo.


Howard Kroplick

Another view of Mrs. Cedrino working on the #12 FIAT. Note her dress matches the Mystery Foto. Caption on Nathan Lazarnick photo:"Emanuel Cedrino and his wife preparing a FIAT."

Motor World, October 12, 1905

The Motor Way, October 12. 1905

The Motor Way, October 12, 1905. Note the location of the horn matches the Mystery Foto.

August Porrier's Hotel and Garage, Garden City, NY

Note the word "Automobiles" above the entrance matches the Mystery Foto. Submitted by Frank Femenias.

The FIAT teams headquartered at Porrier's.

Paul Sartori

Emanuel Cedrino

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)

1913 Montauk Business Directory of Long Island

Then 1949: Porrier's Corner at the lower left.

Then1949: Porrier's Corner  at the lower left; Doubleday at the upper left.

Then1950s: Porrier's Corner building

Then 1950s:Facing SE across Franklin Ave. from N side of Second St. showing Mobil gas station between Franklin Ave. and Main St. Diner is to its right with Porrier's Corner garages in background.

Today 2015: The same view as above.

Today 2015:Right at the border of Hempstead and Garden City on Franklin and Second Street. 


Today 2015: Mobil gas station and and a Nissan dealership on the site now.

 Should have at least been a Fiat dealer!



Apr 10 2015 Ted 4:25 PM

This seems to be too easy. Well here goes. The driver Paul Sartorial, driving for the Fiat Race Team for the 1904&1906; races. See ya Sunday

Apr 10 2015 Robert Greenhaus 7:42 PM

Mystery Foto questions: Identify the following:

The driver: 
• Paul Sartori
The passenger: 
• Mrs. Sartori, his wife
The race car and the year(s) it participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Race(s):
• Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt’s 90hp 1904 FIAT, raced in 1904 and 1905

Apr 11 2015 Ted 12:00 AM

Just in case I’m right on this,I’ll add something else to it,Paul Sartori drove for Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt,cousin of W K V jr.

Apr 11 2015 S. Berliner, III 11:04 PM

If I recall correctly the lady was the driver’s wife and reall6 worked with him - this was well documented on the Blog a while back.  No research for me tonight.  Sam, III

Apr 11 2015 frank femenias 11:12 PM

Paul and Mrs. Sartori, Italian driver for Willie K’s cousin, Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt’s Fiat in 1904 (Fiat#10, Mech: E. Cedrons, defective clutch, finished 16/18) and 1905 (Fiat#20, Mech: Letrini, broken crankshaft, finished 7/10) Vanderbilt Cup Races. They’re in front of August Porrier’s hotel and garage on the border of Garden City and Hempstead.

Apr 12 2015 Greg O. 9:49 PM

The driver / The passenger
Paul Sartori and his wife preparing for the 1905 race.

The race car and the year(s) it participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Race (s)
Fiat #10 (1904)
Fiat #20 (1905)

Bonus: Identify the location of the photo.
I’ll go with the obvious and just guess it being the Fiat HQ for the race but coudn’t quickly come up with its’ location. Garden City maybe?

Apr 12 2015 Art Kleiner 10:14 PM

The driver: Paul Sortori
The passenger: Mrs. Sortori, his wife
The race car and the year(s) it participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Race (s)
Fiat (1904 and 1905 races)

Bonus: Identify the location of the photo.: August Porrier’s Garage, Garden City

Apr 12 2015 Steve Lucas 11:21 PM

That’s Paul Sartori and his wife in a F.I.A.T. prior to the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Sartori, as a member of the Italian team, drove a F.I.A.T in both the 1904 and 1905 races. Could not discover the location of the photo but I’m sure Greg and Art will.

Apr 13 2015 Ariejan Bos 5:52 AM

These people are Paul Sartori and his wife in the 90 HP Fiat racer (owned by Alfred G. Vanderbilt), which Sartori would drive with no.20 during the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup race. His wife was not his mechanician of course, which was Letrini. Sartori ended up on 7th place.

Apr 13 2015 Greg O. 11:34 PM

I guess we see how we all use your site for reference! Howard, you might want to also update an older mystery photo entry. I had matched this weeks’ photo there and used the info in the caption.


Apr 14 2015 Ted 9:16 PM

Even though we all were stumped, we all had mostly the same answers,so I don’t feel so bad about being wrong

Apr 19 2015 frank femenias 10:06 AM

Really enjoyed Art’s ‘49 aerial of the RR cutting through town at the triangle. Old Long Island at its finest. Had to go back to check its existence. It’s been paved over and vanished from sight with remaining line in ruins. Take me home country road on a steam engine. Thanks Art.

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