Jan 13 2014

Mystery Foto #50 Solved: The Petit Trianon Driveway at Lake Ronkonkoma

Our 50th Mystery Foto featured a crowded location on the Motor Parkway.

Mystery Foto questions:

-Identify this location on the Motor Parkway

The north driveway of Petit Trianon in Lake Ronkonkoma

-What is the approximate year of the photo?

The postcard was dated 1918

-Bonus: Identify one or more of the parked cars

Our experts identified a Ford, a Cadillac, a Pierce-Arrow, and a Packard

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Howard Kroplick


Jan 10 2014 Ron Ridolph 2:42 AM

Hi Howard:

    i believe it to be Petit Trianon,  or someones private home.

          Thanks and Best Regards,  Ron Ridolph

Jan 10 2014 Mitch Kahn 5:26 PM

Le Petite Trianon - 1908

Jan 12 2014 Bob McMulkin 8:01 AM

Cars parked on the driveway at the Petit Trinnon resturent in Ronkonkoma
Date around 1910

Jan 12 2014 Art Kleiner 9:36 AM

Identify this location on the Motor Parkway
Petit Trianon - Lake Ronkonkoma

-What is the approximate year of the photo?

-Bonus: Identify one or more of the parked cars

Jan 12 2014 Greg O. 9:14 PM

Cars parked outside of the Petit Trianon in 1914. Thought I recognized a Pierce-Arrow in the background, but I’m not too sure…

Jan 12 2014 Howard Kroplick 9:55 PM

From Frank Feminas:

I’m guessing the Petit Trianon Inn’s circular driveway, the exit side on the north end of the structure. The arched windows resembles the Petit’s. We’re facing east at the hidden Lake Ronkonkoma in the back. Appears to be gas or oil for sale on the left of the picture as you exit. Based on the parked cars, I’d say we’re in mid ‘20s?  I see at least one Ford in the pic.

Jan 13 2014 Howard Kroplick 4:52 PM

From Joseph DeBono:

“The Mystery Foto #50 is the east side, in front of the Petit Trianon. The petit is to the right in the picture. Keep up the good work.”

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