Mar 05 2012

Newsday and Patch: Kroplick Appointed Town Historian

Newsday and Mineola Patch have published  articles on the appointment of a new Historian for the Town of North Hempstead. 


Howard Kroplick

Mineola Patch March 4, 2012

North Hempstead Notebook: Historian Named
Howard Kroplick appointed by Town Board.

By Patch Staff  March 4, 2012 

Howard Kroplick has been named historian for the Town of North Hempstead.

Supervisor Jon Kaiman and the North Hempstead Town Board announced the appointment after a unanimous vote on Jan. 24.

Kroplick, 62, sits on the Roslyn Landmark Society’s Board of Trustees. He is also chairman emeritus of The Impact Group, a medical communications company.  Over the past year, he supervised efforts to preserve and relocate the Mackey Horse, a famous horse tamer sculpture which previously graced the former Mackey Estate in East Hills. Plans are in the works to relocate the restored sculpture in Roslyn Pond Park.

“Based on his extensive knowledge of North Hempstead and his strong passion for local history and preservation, I have no doubt that he will make an excellent Town Historian,” said Supervisor Kaiman.

A member of the Society of Automotive Historians, Kroplick has authored two books related to the history of Long Island; “The Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island” and “The Long Island Motor Parkway”, which he co-authored with Al Velocci. In addition, Kroplick is president of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society. 

“I am very pleased to have been appointed by Supervisor Kaiman and the Town Board to the historian position,” Kroplick said. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to communicate the rich heritage and history of our town.”

March 9, 2012 Update: Roslyn Landmark Society Press Release

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Mar 11 2012 Marty McNamara 9:26 AM

Congratulations Howard on taking on another non-paying time-consuming job!!

Mar 11 2012 Art K. 9:38 AM

Way to go Howard!

Mar 12 2012 Betsey Murphy 9:49 AM

I am so pleased for those of us who live in N. Hempstead because I know how excited you are about local history.  You have a wonderful attitude and ability to make history fun as well as interesting.  Have you met the “Spinny Hill” authors.  They did a great little movie!  Not quite as exciting as your Vanderbilt show - but very well documented and presented.  I think you would hit it off!

Mar 16 2012 Howard Kroplick 12:37 AM

Thanks for the comments! Marty, you are very funny and right on target!

Mar 29 2012 Noel Gish 9:44 AM

what a fine choice for town historian. Howard will do a fine job but will probably mandate the use of only pre 1930 vehicles on town roads. Howard always has a smile and the desire to make history come alive. I applaud his appointment. Bravo to the Town Board of North Hempstead.

Mar 31 2012 Howard Kroplick 1:16 AM

Noel, your comments are much appreciated. By the way, the cut-off is 1966…my Mustang needs a place to run!!

Jan 15 2017 L.Grosewald 1:11 PM

Hi Howard are u still holding meetings for the limp society in Bethpage I been in active for awhile in person and would like to restart attending meetings and I do not see postings on any of the websites? thanks LBG

From Howard Kroplick:

Lynn, we most recently had on-site meeting at the Old Courthouse Road Motor Parkway Bridge and the Creedmoor Pedestrian Underpass. We will have a Bethpage Library meeting in the Spring. Keep watching for details.

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