Jan 22 2020

Kleiner’s Kolumn: Unique Watercolors Painted for Peter Helck from Fellow Artist John W. Burgess

From the Helck Family Collection comes a series of watercolor paintings personally created for Peter Helck by automobile artist John W. Burgess (1911-1992). During Helck's career as a premier American artist he befriended many other artists who shared his love of automobiles and racing.   John W. Burgess painted many race scenes and his work continues to be sold and exhibited.  The paintings shown here are definitely one-of-kind and were sent to Peter for various occasions. 

Art Kleiner

Helck received this get well card painted by John that was signed by the staff of the Briggs Cunningham Automotive Museum (including Cunningham himself) of which John was curator.  

Signature of artist John Burgess.

Signature of Briggs Cunningham.

Many of the signers of the card can be found in this picture of the Cunningham staff.  (courtesy of briggscunningham.com)

Burgess is kneeling at the lower left.

Briggs Cunningham

Original card for Helck's 90th birthday in 1983. Unfortunately Burgess would not be able to paint a card for Helck's 100th birthday, as Helck passed away at age 95.  Burgess passed away in 1992.

1981 holiday card.


Jan 26 2020 hugh 5:14 AM

John was a great guy to visit with - spoke with him several times at Briggs Cunningham’s museum

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