Nov 27 2015

Holiday Gift of the Week: Book “Car Crazy” by G. Wayne Miller

 Here is a new series providing holiday gift suggestions for automobile enthusiasts.

The new book Car Crazy documents "the battle for supremacy between Ford and Olds and dawn of the automobile age." This wonderful book was written by G. Wayne Miller, filmaker and author of seven works of nonfiction. It is available at Amazon and Branes & Noble websites.


Howard Kroplick

Selected Images from Car Crazy

Henry Ford driving his 1896 Quadricycle.

Henry Ford drives his Sweepstakes racer with Spider Huff at Gross Point, 1901

In 2012, History Channel's "Men Who Built America" featured  a re-enactment of the 1901 Race with the Sweepstakes with the dashing Henry Ford  (played in the race by Ed LaBounty in his 1913 White) and the very handsome Alexander Winton (played by me in the 1909 Alco Black Beast).


Barney Oldfield and Henry Ford with the 999 racer in 1902.

Young Ransom Elid Olds

Roy Chapin, Oldsmobile sales chief and test driver, in a 1901 Curved Dash.

The 1903 Oldsmobile catalog touting the Curved Dash's smooth performance.


Nov 28 2015 Ted 3:54 PM

Always have or get something for us to be amazed at and know about. It may be something for a mystery weekend

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