Jun 26 2019

Hemmings Classic Car: The Vanderbilt Cup- America’s first internationally recognized road-race

The August 2019 issue of Hemmings Classic Car features an excellent review of the Vanderbilt Cup Races by Jeff Koch with the assistance of photos from my collection.


Howard Kroplick

Above: Harry Grant's Alco wins the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup.

The 1906 finish saw the first-ever use of a checkered flag to signal a motor-race victory.

This Lorraine-Dietrich's driver, Arthur Duray, prevented his riding mechanic from falling off the car in 1906.

George Robertson's 1908 Locomobile racer rounds the Westbury turn in the 1908 race. Note the perilous proximity of the crowd.

Alco driver (and 1909 winner) Harry Grant and ring mechanic Frank Lee  wore face protection on dirt roads.

At the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup, George Robertson and Locomobile become the first American car-and-driver victors in international road racing.


Jun 30 2019 Walt Gosden 9:19 AM

Hemmings Classic Car magazine has been giving long island historic car related events some great coverage recently. This item as well as the story on the Roslyn Lincoln dealership seen recently that all went together because of you, me and Ian Z.
( ok,  I didn’t mean for those last few words to rhyme but they do ) !

Howard Kroplick

Keep up your great work at Hemmings!

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