Jul 11 2015

Hemmings Classic Car Cover: Mrs. Chrysler’s Chrysler - One-Off 1937 Imperial Limousine by LeBaron

The September 2015 issue of Hemmings Classic Car features Chrysler's Chrysler on its cover.

The issue devotes two articles and ten pages to this historic automobile:

  • Chrysler's Chrysler: Uncovering and restoring the 1937 Imperial C-15 limousine that was custom crafted by LeBaron for Mrs. Chrysler

           By Jim Donnelly (Senior Editor) -Photography by Richard Lentinello (Editor)

  • Streamline Moderne: The design and construction of Walter P. Chrysler's 1937 Custom Imperial Town Car

           By Walt Gosden-Photographs Courtesy of The Walt Gosden Collection

Highlights of the first article are below.


Howard Kroplick


Jul 11 2015 S. Berliner, III 11:02 PM

Congrats again!  I think that front left quarter down cover shot is the most beautiful photo of your car of any I’ve ever seen!  Sam, III

Jul 12 2015 Howard Kroplick 11:17 AM

From Gregg M:

DEAR HOWARD & WALTER: Hopefully I’m among the first to heartily congratulate you both on this month’s HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR cover story.  That Imperial Town Car certainly deserves all the attention and ink it gets. - GREGG

Jul 12 2015 Wayne Carroll Petersen 11:25 AM

Howard, Congrats and well deserved to all involved. You Know Me! Wayne Carroll Petersen, Barney Oldfield, Master Driver of the World & America’s Legendary Speed King Great Great Nephew
The Chryslers would be Proud!

Jul 12 2015 Ted 12:01 PM

I want to congratulate you both too,well deserved

Jul 12 2015 James & Gram Spina 10:46 PM

Our subscriber issue came just before this post! We are thrilled for you and all your efforts to preserve and glorify so many amazing aspects of our local auto lure!!!

Jul 13 2015 james christman 7:14 AM

Walter, I had no idea, well done!!

Jul 13 2015 Harry C. Reynolds 10:09 AM

Howard- I think Hemmings did a splendid job describing your beautiful car.

                                        Harry C. Reynolds

Jul 13 2015 Howard Kroplick 10:13 AM

From Bob A.

Congratulations on making the cover. I love this magazine and one of my Studebaker club did make it into a story about his 1958 Studebaker Scotsman.  But not a cover shoot.  Looking forward to reading your travails with this car.  Bob

Jul 13 2015 Walt Gosden 9:52 PM

This issue was over a year in planning, we knew we wanted to “do it right” .  I was very pleased the way it turned out. Things got a bit tricky - the deadline for my story was when I had to be at a CCCA National Board meeting in Michigan! The story of the restoration car will be in a future issue of Hemmings Classic Car. Thanks to all for your kind comments.

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