Nov 27 2019

The Sixth Annual Thanksgiving “Turkeys on the Road”

To celebrate Thanksgiving, here is our traditional "Turkeys on the Road" post.

A  happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all!


Howard Kroplick

2019 Turkeys on the Road

2018 Turkeys on the Road

Rudolf was spotted today in the Hempstead Harbor Creek in Roslyn heading north! Courtesy of Ian Zwerdling.

2017 Turkeys on the Road

2016 Turkeys on the Road

2015 Turkeys on the Road

2014 Turkeys on the Road

Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal  Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving


Nov 27 2014 Ted 12:29 AM

Thanks. Howard and I want wish all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING too

Nov 30 2014 S. Berliner, III 7:46 PM

Hope y’all had a Happy - but why’d you give us the bird?  Sam, III

Nov 23 2016 Ted 10:52 PM


Nov 22 2018 Ron Ridolph 12:57 AM

Hi Howard:

    Wishing you, Roz and your girls a very happy family wishes for a great day!!!
All my best and a salute to you for great moments with best wishes to all our
VCR people out there !!!!
                Cordially and fraternally,  Ron Ridolph and Family

Nov 22 2018 Art Kleiner 11:01 AM

Thanks for the laughs, Howard.  And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there!

Dec 01 2019 S. Berliner, III 5:49 PM

Hope y’all had a Happy!  Re NH - :“Road guards out!” (military command to deploy traffic stoppers).  Don’t have go up to NH; we see that around here outside Beantown, but without the road guard (and I always thought turkeys were stupid).  Sam, III

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