Jan 01 2016

From the Ron Ridolph Collection: A Long Island Motor Parkway Fan’s 70-Year Timeline

Ron Ridolph has explored the Long Island Motor Parkway for 70 years!

Here is his own Motor Parkway timeline and selected images  from his vast collection.


Howard Kroplick


Jan 03 2016 Ron Ridolph 3:21 AM

Hi Howard:

    Again and Again,  Thanks and Blessings to you always !!!!

                  Cheers !!!!  Ron Ridolph

Jan 03 2016 L.M.K. 9:41 AM


I’m very appreciative that you shared your memories. It is a good read. Thanks Howard for including it in this weeks newsletter….

Regards, Lou

Jan 03 2016 Kenneth J. Harris 10:54 AM

Thank you Ron Ridolph for that great presentation.  I still remember our boy scout leader taking us for hikes on a section of the Motor Parkway that started just east of Hicksville Road about a half mile(I think) north of Hempstead Turnpike(this was in the early 1950’s).  It was accessed by going into a housing development on the east side of Hicksville road and north on one of its dead end streets that ended at the parkway.  We then hiked on it in an easterly direction.

Jan 03 2016 Arthur Mauriello 11:39 AM

It was great to see the home when I opened your webpage
I was just remembering my early years and climbing the very narrow staircase and looking out the small window onto the front yard.
Received a copy of Bethpage for christmas and see you had given a big help

Jan 03 2016 Ann 7:33 PM

Hi Howard!  loved the stories by Ron Ridolph on his recollections of the LIMP.  Always “Great Stuff!”

Jan 04 2016 Art Kleiner 11:02 AM

Nice to hear your story Ron.  I’ve only been researching/documenting the Parkway since 2003, but hope to continue for some time.  I’ve decided to update my website on an ongoing basis with current photos of what’s left of the Parkway.  Unfortunately, sometimes development causes the pictures to be altered not to our liking as you know, but still there are areas worth monitoring.  Hope you are well and enjoyed the holidays.

Jan 04 2016 Ted 3:20 PM

Thanks for sharing.Like I’ve said there’s always something to enlighten our minds and you’re the one to do it,even though it might come from someone else

Jan 04 2016 Dave Russo 10:37 PM

Fantastic post and keep the pics coming. Thanks Ron.

Jan 05 2016 Joseph DeBono 5:08 AM

Ron always had and have’s a great collection and interest of the parkway keep up the good work

Jan 05 2016 frank femenias 7:13 AM

Great experience and captures of this significant part of global history, with images recorded for future generations to learn and benefit from. High Five Ron!

Jan 07 2016 S. Berliner, III 3:30 PM

Thanks as always, Ron!  Re Motor Parkway Lodges, “the Huntington Lodge located east of Broad Hollow Road (Route 110) in Melville; to date, a photo of this lodge has never been discovered.  At this location, Ron Ridolph found this building. Was this the elusive Huntington Lodge? If anyone has additional information on the building, please leave a comment below.”  Comments are closed now but I’ll add mine here; you might try to gain access to the attic or basement (if any) because many (if not all) early LIMP structures had the name Long Island Motor Parkway branded into the main timbers (as still visible at Mineola).  Check out Garden City, please.  Sure wish we could check out Roslyn.  Keep trying.  Great to finally see current shots of the Cody/110 Sand bridge!  Sam, III

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