Feb 19 2009

The Parkway Behind the Stewart School in Garden City

I am very excited to be visiting the Stewart School in Garden City this Tuesday. I will be consulting with a group of dedicated 4th and 5th graders who are researching the Long Island Motor Parkway.

This project is very appropriate for these students since the Motor Parkway was right in the Stewart School's backyard. As shown in this October 7, 1938 aerial of Roosevelt Field (one of my favorites in my collection), the Motor Parkway surrounds the airfield making a 90 degree turn at Clinton Road (near the left corner). Old Country Road can be seen just above the Roosevelt Field hangars.

The Stewart School, which was built only one year earlier in 1937, can be seen in in the lower left corner of the aerial, covered by the photo's designation "876F".

The students and I will be discussing the nine related Long Island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Race structures in this aerial. I will highlight them throughout the upcoming week.


Oct 28 2009 Jack Wichmann 12:14 PM

I recall as a young boy, living at Mitchel Gardens
which back up to thr motor parkway. The year was 1942. The road had been close at that time. Mr. McKemmish the toll taker lived in a beautiful hous that was part of the Motor Pakway System. Do you know or have any information on what happened to the McKemmish family? This was betweem Clinton Rd and Post Ave bridge…Thank you

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