Feb 14 2014

Film of the Week: “Crazy Cars: 1906 -1950”

Sam Berliner III, the convenor (and father) of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel, has forwarded this week's film of the week.

Twenty seconds of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race is shown at the 3:40 mark. Can anyone identify any of the tracks or film segments shown?

Warning: Horrific crashes are shown at the 8:00 mark.


Howard Kroplick

1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race: Mark 3:40-4:00

#1 Thomas driven by Hubert LeBlon

#7 Mercedes driven by William Luttgen

Winner #10 Darracq driven by Louis Wagner

#3 Mercedes driven by Camille Jenatzy

#15 Clement-Bayard driven by Albert Clement, Jr.

#9 Locomobile driven by Joe Tracy

#19 Itala driven by Maurice Fabry


Feb 16 2014 Howard Kroplick 5:17 PM

Ted 2:44 PM

I think I might have something on the film. Here goes Freeport Speedway, New York City, Indy Speedway and maybe Islip Speedway. I’m working on the photos know, then to the mystery. Catch you later

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