Dec 16 2015

Favorite Website: Library of Congress 1921 Aerial Survey of Manhattan Island Updated 12/22/15

Greg O. has forwarded this incredible interactive aerial survey of Manhattan  issued by Fairchild Aerial Camera Corporation on August 4,  1921 and posted on the Library of Congress website.

According to the  description, "this mosaic was made by assembling 100 aerial photographs taken while flying over the area at an altitude of 10,000 feet."

Below are several closeups of famous Manhattan landmarks from the aerial survey. Can you find others? Please comment below.


Howard Kroplick


Dec 20 2015 Roy Warner 9:06 AM

Thank you for the link. From the overhead shot of City Hall move a little north to Foley Square. Neither 40 Centre Street (Federal Court) nor 60 Centre Street (NY State Supreme Court) are there, although it appears that the foundation for 60 Centre is being set; the courthouse opened in 1923. Move a little south from City Hall to the tip of City Hall Park (Park Row and Broadway). The old Federal Building, which housed the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, can be seen. Move southeast from City Hall. The Municipal Building at the end of Chambers Street is clearly visible, and just south of that was the terminus of the el that went over the Brooklyn Bridge.
I’ve got a whole map to study. I was a “hack” (cab driver) in the City when I was finishing college and, later, while I was in law school.

Dec 20 2015 Earl D. Gandel 9:42 PM

Absolutely incredible, with amazing quality considering the equipment they had to work with!  What’s more amazing is all the docks and ships in every square inch of waterfront, east and west.

Dec 22 2015 Tom Gibson 12:54 AM

Fascinating map Howard, thanks. I lived on Stuyvesant Square when I took the pictures of Mrs. Chrysler’s Imperial back in ‘86, in a late-19th century brownstone next door to St. George’s Episcopal Church. It’s on Second Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets, and it is very cool to see it here. There are two, two-block long streets that flank the square and it was great fun, when people asked for my address to reply, “3 Rutherford Place”. Fine times in a great city.

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