Oct 28 2015

Exclusive Photos: The Mustang II Prototype Concept Car Making Its Debut at the Watkins Glen in 1963

 The Ford Mustang II Prototype concept car made its debut at a 1963 Formula I race at Watkins Glen, New York on October 6, 1963. Mike Carroll of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island captured the arrival of the Mustang II at Watkins Glen in these photos.

Mike, thanks for sharing these historic photos!


Howard Kroplick

August 18, 2014

The Mustang I, Mustang II and Mustang III were shown together at the 2014 Annual Ford Employee Product Development Center Car and Truck Show


Oct 30 2015 frank femenias 2:21 AM

Those two ‘stangs are hot to handle, but still convinced that Mustang II’s front end had some influence in AMC’s Matador design of the ‘70s, though they’re indiscreetly different somehow.

Oct 31 2015 Ted 5:29 PM

Yes you’re right about that Frank and I really don’t like how the headlights are, they just don’t look right to me, the shape of them, it seems to me that they wouldn’t give out the right kind of light, because of there shape.

Oct 31 2015 Ted 5:47 PM

I think I’m wrong on what I said about the headlights not giving out the right light, but still don’t like the shape of the front of the car, after looking at some other pictures

Nov 01 2015 John Godfrey 1:02 AM

I was at Purdue University in 1961 when Ford brought the Mustang I to the Mechanical Engineering building. A 4 cylinder mid engine design was great. It was low and sleek. In fact so low that it scraped the ramp as they brought it in the building. I was never a Ford guy, but I said that i would buy this car. Unfortunately, they came out with the final design and I was not interested at all.

Nov 10 2015 Tom 9:48 PM

The first two photos look like they were just taken!  Hard to believe it was 52 years ago!  Thanks for sharing.

Nov 12 2015 frank femenias 12:51 AM

Great stuff. i was too young but love to hear what took place. Awesome to here the way it truly was. Please keep ‘em comin’

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