Feb 17 2015

For the First Time in 34 Years: Photos of the Clody Farmway Bridge in the Melville Sand Pits

The most elusive remnant of the Motor Parkway has been the Clody Farmway Bridge located in the Melville Sand Pits...until today.

The last public ground-level photographs of the bridge were taken in 1981 by Ron Ridolph. VanderbiltCupRaces.com has obtained recent images documenting the Clody Farmway Bridge.  Below are these rare photos presented in a "Then & Now"  format.


Howard Kroplick

Looking West

Then: 1972 (Courtesy of Margaret and George Vitale)

The copy on the girder read "SLOW DOWN FOR CURVES".

Then: 1981 (Courtesy of Ron Ridolph)

Copy on the south abutment: PLEASE BE CAREFUL".

Copy on the north abutment: "DON'T PASS CARS ON (BRIDGES & CURVES)".

Now: 2015 (Courtesy of Eric S.)

The view today looking west towards Nassau County.

The word "PLEASE" is faded but still visible on the south abutment.

Looking west at the south abutment.

A view from behind the south abutment.

The copy "DO(NT) PASS" is still visible on the north abutment after 115 years.

Looking East

Then: 1981 (Courtesy of Ron Ridolph)

Looking east at the north abutment.

Then: 2012

Now: 2015 (Courtesy of Eric S.)

The view today looking east towards Route 110.

The "1910" construction date imprint on the north abutment.

The view looking east from underneath the bridge. The Motor Parkway pavement is likely still below this gravel road.


Feb 17 2015 frank femenias 11:30 PM

Fantastic! It’s been a looong time. These bridges sneer at the test of time and continue standing. I wouldn’t have been able to hold the camera steady at this engagement. A SHOUT OUT to Eric!!

Feb 21 2015 brian d mccarthy 9:50 PM

Thanks to Eric. His photos exhibit just how well these abutments stood the test of time. Being utilized in their current manner, the employees must check the integrity of the abutments from time to time.

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