Feb 10 2018

Direct from Brazil: Three Photos of the 1937 Chrysler’s Chrysler at the LeBaron Factory

Master coachbuilder Joao Gazineu of Brazil  has posted three rarely seen photos of the 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler. The photos were taken at the LeBaron Factory in Detroit Michigan on June 16, 1937.
These photos were posted on the LeBaron-Chrysler section of Coachbuild.com .


Howard Kroplick

Joao Pedro Gazineu is a prominent coachbuilder based in Brazil

June 16, 1937 LeBaron Factory, Detroit, Michigan

LeBaron photos courtesy of Joao Pedro Gazineu.

1986 Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport, New York

Tom Gibson provided this comment on Gazineu's post.

All 1986 photos courtesy of Tom Gibson.


Feb 11 2018 mark schaier 5:26 AM

The factory photo’s shows no wheel trim rings that was added later, along with a center front bumper guard, was removed in recent time, the original side view mirror that was mounted on top front door hinge, nice, that was replace with some aftermarket side view mirror on the door frame.

Feb 11 2018 S. Berliner, III 1:55 PM

I don’t recall the car being outside; it was inside the garage when I first saw it (and thus all the more gigantic).  Howard, what can you tell us about the metal vs. fabric chauffeur’s compartment tops, please?  Also, I still insist that the three-quarter ports were originally open, although clear-glassed behind the louvres, so that Della could peek out, unseen (I SAW them); mirrors in there were a later modification.  You might still be able to find door-hinge-pin-mounted rear-view mirrors; they were still available in left-right pairs some 20-30 years back.  Sam, III

Howard Kroplick

Sam III, Chrysler’s Chrysler came with a metal roof and a canvass roof over the driver’s compartment. The internal portholes were merely vanity mirrors.

Howard I

Feb 12 2018 Tom Gibson 12:40 PM

Sam III, the LeBaron was outside in the Eagle’s Nest courtyard for no more than a few weeks the summer that I took those photos, according to the museum’s director. It then went back indoors in the musty garage where it deteriorated even more until its ultimate rescue.

Feb 12 2018 Tom Gibson 12:43 PM


It was great seeing you and the family at the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, and congratulations on your National Award for Mrs. Chrysler’s Chrysler. Loved seeing it at Hershey last October!

Howard Kroplick

Great to see you in Philly too!

Feb 12 2018 S. Berliner, III 2:01 PM

Mirrors?  Sez you.  I think you’ll find that they align with the external louvres and, if the glass weren’t now silvered, would work exactly as I clearly recall being shown when the car first turned up at the Museum.  The louvres weren’t mere “deco"ration.  Regardless, I’d give a pretty penny for a time machine so I could step through that door at the left in the side view!  Sam, III

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