May 19 2012

Classic Cars Visit the Waterfront at Roslyn

The Long Island Sound Region of the Classic Car Club of America took a tour to the Waterfront at Roslyn Garage on Saturday to see the 1909 Alco Black Beast and the 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler.

It was the first showing of  the Chrysler C-15 Town Car custom built by LeBaron for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler in over 25 years. Enjoy the highlights.

Roz, happy 40th anniversary!!




Update: Photos Submitted by Bruce Adams

Long Island Sound Region of the Classic Car Club of America Honored with Two Webbies


May 20 2012 Art K. 6:49 AM

Great collection of fine automobiles in a great setting beneath the viaduct. 

Happy Anniversary to Roz and Howard - truly a classic couple in the finest sense of the word!

May 20 2012 Walt Gosden 9:06 AM

thanks for your wonderful hospitality at the event yesterday. Perfect setting, weather and host. The conversation and friendship , both new and old, abounded. The diorama of the L.I. Auto Museum was amazing, and your Chrysler runs extremely well for a car that sat dormant in damp storage and wasn’t run for 35+ years. It was a great start of the season for the L.I. Sound Region CCCA to have members and guests drive their cars to the Waterfront Garage.
Best wishes to you and Roz on your Anniversary.

May 20 2012 Roger A. Price 1:42 PM


Thanks for the photos.  Congratulations to you and Roz on your 40th anniversary.
Wishing you many more years.


May 21 2012 Jeffry Schwartz 10:37 AM

Howard: A great job as always.. and thanks. Happy Anniversary to you and Roz. see you at Greenwich

May 22 2012 Frank Tedesco 9:17 AM

Howard, Thank you for being such a gracious host and for allowing my son to sit in the Black Beast.  Jack was thrilled and I got some great shots.  He made sure to bring the color Photo Card to show his Kindergarten class. Congrats on your anniversary, that’s quite a milestone.
Best Regards, Frank

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