Mar 19 2013

Chrysler’s Chrysler Profiled in 1974 Book “70 Years of Chrysler”

In 1974, author George Dammann chronicled the Chrysler Company from its origins as Maxwell/Chalmers in 1904 through 1974 in the book 70 Years of Chrysler.

Damman provided year by year commentary highlighting models, engineering developments and special designs. For the Year 1937, Dammann highlighted 31 cars including " Chrysler's Chrysler".

PDF: 70 Years of Chrysler -1937  Note: Allow a minute for the download.


Howard Kroplick


"Custom built by LeBaron for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler was this beautiful Custom Imperial formal town car. The beautiful vehicle used a highly reworked body of very flowing line, complimented by full-custom rear fenders and skirts. A convertible top covered the chauffeur's compartment in inclement weather. Note how the running board edging is carried around the skirts and then completely around the rear".


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