May 09 2017

Car Show Highlights: Merchant Marine Car Show and Historic Motor Parkway Memories Antique Car Show

Great fun was had over the last two Sundays when the Tucker '48 #1044 made its Long Island debut at the Merchant Marine Academy Car Show  and the 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler was displayed on my favorite historic road at the Historic Motor Parkway Vintage Auto Show. Highlights of some of my favorite automobiles are shown below.


Howard Kroplick

Regimental Activities NAFI Auto Show-USMMA, Kings Point, NY- May 7, 2017

Courtesy of Karen Murray

Courtesy of Karen Murray

1962 Dual Ghia L6.4 Coupe owned byStephen Silben

The Dual Ghia Dashboard

Historic Motor Parkway Memories Antique Car Show, Family Day & Swap Meet, Williston Park, NY-April 30, 2017


May 10 2017 Ted 1:48 AM

Nice pics,but what is the year and make of the last 2 pics on the USMMA show? Thanks in advance.
Howard Kroplick
Ted, new information added above.

May 10 2017 Ted 1:54 AM

Oh,tell John he looks great and good to see him.

May 10 2017 Ted 12:16 PM

Thanks again Howard. What about that picture I sent you of that Diesel engine Packard? I can resend it.

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