Jun 19 2012

An Amazing Aerial of Deepdale Estate and the Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Lake Success

This 1927 aerial shows a spectacular view of the Deepdale Estate, former Lake Success home of William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., and the Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge.


Howard Kroplick

A 1924 aerial showed the locations of the Deepdale Estate and the Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway bridge

The property for the Marcus Avenue Bridge (then called Hyde Park Road) was located on William K. Vanderbilt Jr.'s Deepdale Estate.

The Deepdale Mansion and surrounding buildings.

The Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge

A close-up of the mansion.

The Schumacher House (Cornell-Van-Nostrand House), now a Town of North Hempstead landmark moved to New Hyde Park.


Jun 20 2012 James 6:15 AM

Does anything at all of the original highway exist in that short stretch between the location of the Marcus Ave bridge and where it crosses Lakeville Road?

Jun 20 2012 Howard Kroplick 8:33 PM

Hi James:

Not really. This area was cleared for road and parking lot construction.


Jun 21 2012 John Herling 4:38 PM

A roadway that runs behind the synagogue, from the parking lot at its southern end to the driveway exit leading onto Lakeville Road, seems to follow the path of the LIMP.

Jun 22 2012 Howard Kroplick 11:00 AM

John, you are correct. However, there are no remnants of the Parkway remaining.

Jun 24 2012 Art K. 6:46 AM

Howard, thanks - nice pictures.  Coincidentally, I just picked up a postcard dated 1912 titled “East Wing of W.K. Vanderbilts Residence , Lakeville, NY.  I’ll send you a scan so we can compare.

Jun 24 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:59 AM

From Gerry R:

Great edition. Aerial shots really interesting. Looks like a nice home. Also nice smiles and thumbs up shots.

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