Jun 22 2019

Celebrating the 72nd Anniversary of the Unveiling of the 1947 Tucker Tin Goose Prototype

The Tucker Tin Goose Prototype was unveiled on June 19,1947in Chicago, Illinois. In celebration of its 72nd anniversary, below is a an article by the Historic Vehicles Association Quirks of the Tucker 48 "Tin Goose" Prototype, supplemented by images taken of this historic automobile this month.


Howrd Kroplick

Front Hinged Doors

Sharper Front Bumper Design

Dual Front Mounted Radiators

Unique Engine Cover

Torsilastic Suspension

One-Off Wheels

Kinmont Brakes

Battery Location

General Proportions


Jun 23 2019 Jim Ryan 7:15 AM

Great article and thanks for the pictures of the Tin Goose and #1044 together. It’s not often that you see cars that rare, outside. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing your car with fellow car collectors.

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