Nov 22 2014

Favorite Website: A Treasure of 34,407 Automotive Photos Posted Online

The Detroit Public Library has posted  34,407 photos from their National Automotive Collection.

The images include photos of the Vanderbilt Cup Races taken by Nathan Lazarnick and Spooner & Wells.


Howard Kroplick


Nov 22 2014 carl schulz 9:55 PM

I know I speak for many in saying how much we appreciate your continued efforts at uncovering, preserving and sharing our motorsports heritage.

Nov 23 2014 Bob McMulkin 8:44 AM

Excellent collection

Nov 23 2014 Ariejan Bos 11:50 AM

Howard, Thanks so much for this tip. This is a really amazing collection! I knew parts of it were online, but this is really fantastic and besides, the resolution of the pictures has much improved. I already spotted some real treasures, so I guess all my spare time for the coming months has been spent in advance. However I’m afraid, there is one person in the house, who will probably not be as delighted as I am wink

Nov 23 2014 frank femenias 12:44 PM

Wow! Lots of work went into this. Nice catch Howard.

Nov 23 2014 Greg O. 6:52 PM

A Treasure of 34,407 mystery photos!

Nov 23 2014 Ted 10:25 PM

Ha Greg O, you’re so right about that, along with so many questions could be asked with unsolved answers and I didn’t even finish looking at them yet, which I will do by the end of the week, just in case there’s a mystery about them for this weekend

Nov 25 2014 Mike Cain 10:31 AM

Thanks Howard for the link to this fantastic collection. I’ll be spending part of the holiday weekend browsing through it. It may take a few months to check them all out but it will sure be interesting.

Nov 26 2014 Ken Harris 9:25 AM

Very nice resource!  Thanks for posting it.

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