Jul 17 2013

A New View of the Great Neck Lodge in Lakeville (Lake Success) Circa 1911

This is a high-resolution view of the Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success taken around 1911. Breaking down the image into segments provides show insight into the lodge.




Howard Kroplick

The logo for the Great Neck Lodge...the C looks like a G.

The porte-cochere.

In 1911, the Great Neck Lodge was the western terminus protected by a fence across the Motor Parkway.

A lantern was hanging from the fence.

The inside toll gate. Note the poster, likely providing toll rates.

The outside toll gate.

Steve Lucas spotted this girl in the photo.

Click on the image to enlarge it.


Jul 18 2013 Ron Ridolph 3:13 AM

Hi Howard:

    What a joy to see all this done by you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just AMAZING !!!!

              My Best To You ALWAYS !!!!!  Cheers !!!!!  Ron

Jul 18 2013 Steve Lucas 11:43 AM

Hello Howard,
Great photo of the lodge. If you look closely, there appears to be a child (young girl?)leaning against the wall on the right side. Is this possible and who might it be?

Jul 18 2013 Howard Kroplick 10:27 PM

Hi Steve,

Great catch. See above.

Jul 18 2013 Ted 11:51 PM

Agree with Ron and Steve

Dec 09 2013 Jack Binder 10:54 AM

Could the little girl on the side of the lodge be Ann Grego who died at an old age about 1990? She was the daughter of a worker for Vanderbilt who bought the lodge in 1938. She had 2 daughters who I believe live on Long Island.
Jack Binder

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