Oct 02 2013

1920s Promotional Film “Oilfield Dodge”

Gary "The Local Brush" Kupfer has forwarded this three-minute film showing a Dodge car navigating the "roads" to an oilfield in the 1920s.  The film ends with a gusher.

The film was likely a promotional film by the Dodge Brothers. It reinforces why there was a need to build roads like the Long Island Motor Parkway.

Thanks, Gary!


Howard Kroplick



Oct 03 2013 Greg Oreiro 12:21 AM

It’s amazing what the early, frail-looking cars were able to drive through!

Thanks to Gary for providing that. He’s a L.I. car customizing legend and a great guy! I had the pleasure of installing the remote start in his BMW for him at his shop. It’s a candy store to us car nuts, a museum to some of the greatest custom cars of all time…and of course that’s his artistry on the Beast and trailer!

Oct 03 2013 Ken Harris 4:45 PM

Thanks for the Oilfield Dodge film.  I agree that this was probably a promotional film and it sure impressed me.  If I was living in a rural area during the 1920’s, I would have put the Dodge on my next car to buy list.  I guess light weight, manual transmission and good ground clearance did the job without the sophisticated engineering found in modern off the road vehicles.


Oct 04 2013 Ted 5:43 PM

You’re certainly right about that Greg and the cars must be pretty light to flip back over that easy and then they did it.

Oct 05 2013 Ted 2:23 AM

A little miswording,I ment to say and method they used to do it

Oct 06 2013 Wayne Carroll Petersen 2:38 AM

This film reminds me of the Hell Drivers, Barney Oldfield, Master Driver of the World and America’s Legendary Speed King and Billy Arnold Indianapolis winner who drove demos in commercials to promote Chrysler automobiles for Walter Chrysler and the Chrysler Corporation.
Best Regards,
Wayne Carroll Petersen
Barney Oldfield Great Great Nephew

Oct 07 2013 Ken Wiebke 9:26 AM

These drivers were, perhaps, “The Dukes of Hazzard’s grandfathers.

Oct 08 2013 Lou 8:27 PM

Many take for granted the roads we have today…. That was really a blast from the past. Thanks…..

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