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  • Jul 01 2011

    Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- The Western Terminus in Fresh Meadows, Queens

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  • Jul 29 2010

    The Long Island Motor Parkway Survey Atlas: Fresh Meadows- The Western Terminus

    One of the treasures of my original Motor Parkway survey collection and a key to to the survey maps is a 48-page 1928 "Index" documenting the right-of way, the original property owners, and the corresponding survey plan #s.This Atlas includes the entire 44-mile right-of-way with surveyor notes added in 1929 and 1930.

  • Dec 04 2009

    The Planned Fresh Meadows Motor Parkway Western Terminus in 1912

    As noted in earlier posts, the final western terminus of the Long Island Motor Parkway was located at the Nassau Boulevard intersection in Fresh Meadows. However, a review of original Motor Parkway survey maps indicate that this was not the original plan.

  • Feb 06 2009

    The Opening of the Motor Parkway Bike Path- July 9, 1938

    The crushing impact of the Depression, coupled with the ever-expanding free New York State Parkway system, effectively sealed the fate of the Long Island Motor Parkway (LIMP). On June 16, 1937, William K. Vanderbilt, Jr. offered the parkway to the public. It officially closed on April 17, 1938 with the right-of-way turned over to

  • Jan 07 2009

    A Fresh Meadows View of the Western LIMP Terminus

    Over the last five years, I have been documenting the 44-mile right-of way of the Long Island Motor Parkway from Fresh Meadows, Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma, Suffolk County. The most elusive area to research has been the most westerly section of the Motor Parkway In Queens. This entrance from Horace

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