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  • May 17 2010

    Aerials of the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills, Queens

    Steve, this 1941 aerial shows the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills looking east. The photo is courtesy of the Fairchild Collection at the Benjamin and Gladys Thomas Air Photo Archives located in the UCLA Department of Geography.

  • Oct 17 2009

    The Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills, Queens

    Art, one of the best preserved sections of the Motor Parkway is near your parent's home in Hollis Hills, Queens. When the parkway closed on April 17, 1938, Robert Moses created a bike path over the first two and half miles in Queens. The bike path is still very active today and

  • Oct 14 2009

    Motor Parkway from Little Neck Parkway to Marcus Avenue Part II

    Joe, thanks for the comment and excellent observation. LIMP expert Sam Berliner agrees with you and suggested the Motor Parkway bridge that I labeled Little Neck Parkway actually went over Hewlett Avenue. To determine the facts, I called in the LIMP CSI Team and requested a Concrete Scene Investigation.

  • Oct 08 2009

    The Motor Parkway from Little Neck Parkway to Marcus Avenue Part I

    Elliott, thanks for the questions. First, the pavement of the Long Island Motor Parkway was only 16 to 22 feet across. The Motor Parkway right-of way (the area purchased by Vanderbilt and his business associates) was typically 50 feet to 100 feet in width. The property lines and the guardrails for the Motor Parkway

  • Feb 09 2009

    In Search of the Nassau Boulevard Toll Booth: Part II

    In Sunday's post In Search of the Fresh Meadows Toll Booth: Part I, it was documented that the Motor Parkway designated two new "toll lodges" in Queens when the Nassau Boulevard entrance was opened on July 1, 1928. The existence of the unique Rocky Hill Road Toll Booth, which crossed the Motor

  • Feb 08 2009

    In Search of the Nassau Boulevard Toll Booth: Part I

    As described in the book The Long Island Motor Parkway, the Motor Parkway was extended three miles in the late 1920s from Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard) to Nassau Boulevard (later renamed Horace Harding Boulevard). The above image of a rare 1928 Motor Parkway brochure (courtesy of Robert Harrington) promoted the

  • Jan 01 2009

    The Four-Lane Motor Parkway and an Aerial View of Queens in 1924

    For the second VanderbiltCupRaces.com post of 2009, I have improved the format of my December 31st post and added a rare 1924 aerial view. The post includes amazing images from the Queens Borough President's Collection that shows two Long Island Motor Parkway bridges over Winchester Boulevard in Queens. Yes, in November 1932,

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