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  • Apr 05 2012

    Off-Topic Video: Google Unveils A View of the Future- “Project Glass”

    Google has unveiled its Project Glass, "augmented reality glasses" that are currently past the concept phase. I believe this is an early glimpse of an exciting future technology or something that I saw on Star Trek in the 1960s!

  • Apr 19 2010

    The Peugeot EX3- Winner of the 1915 Vanderbilt Cup Race in San Francisco

    By 1915 Peugeot had established itself as a premier automotive marques and a formidable competitor on tracks and road courses. Their L76 model had won the French Grand Prix in 1912 and the Indianapolis 500 in 1913. They returned to victory again in the 1913 French Grand Prix with a new EX3 model.

  • Apr 06 2010

    Off-Topic: A Great Time at the Mets’ 2010 Opening Day

    It was a beautiful day at CitiField yesterday at the Mets' Opening Day. The Mets 7 to 1 victory inspired this off-topic post.

  • May 28 2009

    Video:“The Mets Take the Field” (2009)

    As described in my website profile, in addition to my passion for Long Island and auto racing history, I have been a die-hard Met fan since 1963 and can often be seen waving a large Met flag on the Excelsior level behind home plate at CitiField. My friends and I have

  • Apr 14 2009

    Six Degrees of Separation: The Vanderbilt Cup Races and the New York Mets

    On April 13, 2009, I attended Opening Night at Citifield- the new home of my beloved New York Mets (see my brief highlights film). After a fun evening and another tough loss, I wondered if it is possible to link the New York Mets to the Vanderbilt Cup Races. Here is my

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