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  • Nov 17 2012

    Then & Now Update: Ronkonkoma Lodge (1923-2012)

    The private home that was formerly the Ronkonkoma Lodge is being remodeled and expanded. Here is an updated "Then & Now" of the building from 1923 to today.

  • Feb 10 2012

    Then & Now: The Annex to the Petit Trianon

    When the Petit Trianon Inn was built in 1911 at the eastern terminus of the Motor Parkway in Lake Ronkonkoma, William K. Vanderbilt Jr. also commissioned an annex building for the staff. This is the Annex: Then & Now.

  • Feb 07 2012

    The Length of the Long Island Motor Parkway

    Ann: "What was the length of the Motor Parkway from Queens to Ronkonkoma?"

  • Mar 23 2011

    Suffolk County Airmap 1930 Aerial Survey #1: Ronkonkoma

    In 1928 Suffolk County commissioned an aerial photography company to create a comprehensive record of their roads, terrain and properties. Two years later, the Airmap company photographed the entire county including our favorite historic road; the Long Island Motor Parkway. Courtesy of the Suffolk County Department of Planning, the first in

  • Dec 03 2010

    Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- Lake Ronkonkoma

    Links to posts related to the Lake Ronkonkoma section of the Long Island Motor Parkway (Updated: August 8, 2011):

  • Nov 10 2010

    From the Ron Ridolph Collection: The Annex to the Petit Trianon Inn

    Harry: "Do you have any photos of the Annex to the Petit Trianon? My grandparents owned the building when it was the Park Lake Rest Home"

  • Sep 14 2010

    Then & Now: The Ronkonkoma Lodge

    Andy Hartwell comments: "A few months back I took a ride to the eastern end of the current Motor Parkway - right up to the lake - looking for any signs of the old Ronkonkoma Lodge. Nothing jumped out at me. Any chance you can pinpoint the exact location on

  • Feb 20 2010

    VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive: 1910 Plans for the Ronkonkoma Motor Speedway

    Beginning in November 1906, officials acquired the Motor Parkway right-of way from property owners and farmers from Queens to Riverhead, typically purchasing 1 to 20 acres of land. By far the largest parcel purchased was 891.21 acres in Ronkonkoma from Charles Wright. I always assumed that the Long Island Motor Parkway, Inc. needed to

  • Jan 21 2010

    Then &  Now: Petit Trianon

    As described yesterday, in 1911 the Long Island Motor Parkway Inc. built the Petit Trianon Inn as an attraction to the eastern terminus in Lake Ronkonkoma. Today, the Petit Trianon receives the "Then and Now" treatment with images from 1911 to 2008.

  • Jan 20 2010

    The Motor Parkway’s Petit Trianon at Lake Ronkonkoma

    When the Long Island Motor Parkway route was completed to Lake Ronkonkoma in 1911, officials decided to build a first-class dining facility and half-way stop for travelers.William K. Vanderbilt Jr. once again commissioned architect John Russell Pope to design the Parkway Inn later renamed Petit Trianon.These two rare photos

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