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  • Jun 22 2010

    Stewart School Blog “The Long Island Motor Parkway: Garden City’s Hidden History ”

    Last week teachers Mr. Schultz and Mrs. Tesoriero took their 4th grade Stewart School class on a walking trip to explore the remnants of the Motor Parkway in Garden City. The trip was documented in thisblog post.

  • Jun 05 2010

    The Day the Garden City Lodge Moved- March 19, 1989

    The Garden City Lodge was the fifth toll lodge built for the Long Island Motor Parkway. It was one of the six toll lodges designed by John Russell Pope with living quarters for the toll-takers and their families.

  • May 19 2010

    Rare 1930s Photos of Two Motor Parkway Bridge Accidents

    The Motor Parkway bridges in Nassau County were built from 1908 to 1911. The significant growth of traffic in the 1920s and 1930s was not anticipated in the design of the bridges and the openings for roads below were very narrow, typically only 22 feet wide. As a result, multiple car accidents occurred

  • May 18 2010

    Then & Now: Potential Nassau Historical Markers on the Motor Parkway Trail

    Nassau County is currently developing a master plan for a continuous multi-use Motor Parkway Trail. Part of the plan calls for the placement of markers "at the location of historical remnants and will serve as a way to educate the public on the history of the corridor as the original

  • Jan 06 2010

    The Motor Parkway Weathervane in Garden City

    Walter, as discussed last week, in 1929 a new Garden City office was built for Alfred J. Kienzle, the Motor Parkway's General Manager from 1911 to1938. As seen in this December 2009 photo, the building, now a private residence, does not currently have a weathervane.

  • Dec 28 2009

    Then & Now: The Motor Parkway Office in Garden City

    From 1915 to mid-1929, the first Long Island Motor Parkway Office was built in Garden City. In 1929, the small office was replaced by this attractive building which served as the office for General Manager Alfred Kienzle.

  • Jul 03 2009

    Then & Now: The Motor Parkway Around Roosevelt Field

    Izzy, as shown in the above 1938 aerial, the Long Island Motor Parkway was located to the west and south of the historic airfield Roosevelt Field.

  • May 17 2009

    Keystone Bombers Over the Long Island Motor Parkway

    One of most spectacular photos in the book The Long Island Motor Parkway shows Keystone bombers flying over Roosevelt Field and the Long Island Motor Parkway in East Garden City.

  • May 11 2009

    Garden City News “Quest Students are History Detectives”

    As previously posted, I have been assisting 13 fourth and fifth graders of the Stewart School in their research of the Long Island Motor Parkway. On April 27th, the students and I explored the archives of William K. Vanderbilt Jr. at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport.The Garden City

  • Feb 28 2009

    More Cool Feedback from the Stewart School in Garden City

    Last Tuesday, I had a wonderful meeting with students of the Stewart School in Garden City who are researching the Long Island Motor Parkway. As shown in this 1960 aerial looking east, the Motor Parkway was directly north of the school and was parallel to Stewart Avenue. Among the images that

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