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  • Sep 19 2010

    A “New” Motor Parkway Map & Nassau County Historical Sites

    Steven W. comments: "Do you have a road map of the full route of the Motor Parkway with surrounding residential streets? This would be highly appreciated, as I would love to see it and bike through the trails of the demolished part in Nassau County".

  • Aug 30 2010

    Then & Now: The Motor Parkway in Wheatley Hills Golf Club, East Williston

    Last Sunday, we explored the history of the Motor Parkway right-of-way that virtually split the Wheatley Hills Golf Course in East Williston. In order to obtain this East Williston right-of-way, the Motor Parkway purchased the entire 68-acre farm of William Titus in 1909. Four years later, the property was sold or

  • Aug 28 2010

    The Motor Parkway and the Wheatley Hills Golf Club in East Williston

    The Long Island Motor Parkway changed directions in East Williston from Roslyn Road (East/West) towards East Williston Road (North/South). As seen in this 1940 map, the parkway split the Wheatley Hills Golf Club in half. Several questions immediately come to mind in looking at this section: Which came first

  • May 18 2010

    Then & Now: Potential Nassau Historical Markers on the Motor Parkway Trail

    Nassau County is currently developing a master plan for a continuous multi-use Motor Parkway Trail. Part of the plan calls for the placement of markers "at the location of historical remnants and will serve as a way to educate the public on the history of the corridor as the original

  • Mar 26 2009

    Then & Now: The Roslyn Lodge and the Motor Parkway Bridge over Roslyn Road

    Residents of Roslyn, East Hills, East Williston and Albertson are often very surprised to find out that an automobile bridge existed over Roslyn Road from 1909 to 1939 and that remnants of the bridge exist today. In this 1928 photo, courtesy of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, the Long Island Motor Parkway bridge

  • Oct 08 2008

    The 20 Toll Collection Structures of the Long Island Motor Parkway-Updated 3/17/2018

    One of the myths of the Long Island Motor Parkway’s history was that there were 12 lodges designed by prominent architect John Russell Pope and built to collect tolls and provide housing for the toll-takers and their families. The answer to the question of the number of toll lodges on

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