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  • Dec 16 2010

    The Bethpage Challenge Part II: Building the Central Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge

    Part II of "The Bethpage Challenge: Documenting the Second Deadman's Curve" features photos of the construction of the Central Avenue/LIRR Bridge located in Bethpage (then Central Park). Because this bridge was the largest on the Motor Parkway and was used for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race, it was well-documented by

  • Dec 14 2010

    The Bethpage Challenge Part I: Documenting the Second Deadman’s Curve

    One of my favorite Motor Parkway images is this 1909 colored postcard of a race car practicing on "Dead Man's Curve" for the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. For years,most LIMPers and I believed the postcard depicted the almost 90 degree curve near North Hermann Road. But, I am convinced that the "Deadman's

  • Nov 01 2010

    Archives: Long Island Motor Parkway- Bethpage (Central Park)

    Index to posts related to the Long Island Motor Parkway in Bethpage (Central Park) (Updated: October 31, 2011):

  • Feb 26 2010

    The Two Deadman’s Curves in Bethpage (Central Park)

    A famous feature of the Vanderbilt Cup Course in 1908 was the Deadman's Curve located in Bethpage, then called Central Park. However, few people know that there were two "Deadman's Curves" in this area. Here's the proof:

  • Dec 07 2009

    The Bridges of the Vanderbilt Cup Races (1908-1910)

    A unique feature of the last three Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island were the new Motor Parkway bridges. For the 1908 race, the course included 16 new bridges over a 9-mile parkway section from East Meadow to Bethpage.

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